Jen Psaki claims Taliban blocking flights carrying American citizens is not a hostage situation

Sunday we told you about the Taliban preventing flights of American citizens from leaving Afghanistan. A senior Congressional source told CBS News, who had reviewed an email from the State Department acknowledging that the Taliban were blocking these flights, that the “Taliban is basically holding them hostage to get more out of the Americans.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about this today and is now claiming that the Taliban blocking flights and refusing to allow American citizens to leave the country is not a hostage situation:

Psaki says that the administration is in touch with American citizens there and Blinken is in Qatar trying to get flights operational so they can get more Americans out.

Seriously, how is this not a hostage situation? Biden left Americans behind and put all of his faith in a terrorist organization to keep their word, and now he is reaping the consequences of this terrible decision. Actually, the Americans left behind are really the ones who will suffer the consequences, because they are the ones being held hostage.

Biden is truly the worst president I’ve ever seen.

You all remember Benghazi, which is somewhat comparable to this. Obama chose not to respond to save our Ambassador and other Americans who came under attack from Islamic terrorists.

But Biden was there in Afghanistan, evacuating people, and he intentionally left Americans behind! Because he’s a damn coward, too afraid to stand up to the Taliban. It’s unreal just how horrible this decision was, and the administration is now doing backflips trying to negotiate with these American-hating terrorists. Pretty soon we’re going to see Biden flying huge crates of cash to the Taliban, just to do what he could have done himself if he hadn’t fled Kabul in surrender.

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