Jerk tries to intimidate Tucker Carlson and FAILS hilariously. Dumb libs SLOBBER over it anyway.

There is hardly a better way to pick out the wusses in the world then to show them a failed attempt at manliness and watch them get all hot and bothered over it. And that’s just what’s going on this Sunday morning.

Tucker Carlson was at what appears to be a fishing and/or sporting goods store while he’s on his fly fishing trip up in Montana. Some dorky nerd with a dumb name thought he could play tough guy and have a big dramatic moment for the camera.

It didn’t go how he wanted.

Ha ha ha “calm down, son.” Tucker owned that guy.

Libs are playing it up like it was the big dramatic moment anyway. Which is pretty funny and shows what a bunch of weak losers they are.

Granted, they would normally call this an act of domestic terror or an example of white privilege (White guy at fishing store feels entitled to cause a disruption? Not very woke, fella!) but that’s beside the point.

The point is, Lincoln Project doofuses should leave the confrontational video game to BLM, Antifa, or even 20-somethings at CPAC.

Oh you’re wondering why I said Lincoln Project? Here ya go.

Like I said, leave tough guy videos to the professionals, Lincoln geeks. Because this? This was just sad. But funny. But sad.

Update: One more tweet, it’s too good to pass up.



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