Mark Levin NAILS it on Obama speech, John Lewis funeral, Barr non-Hearing: ‘A DISGRACE’

Democrats and liberals get to live by different rules, whether its about “respecting our institutions” or who can have a funeral or gather in a church, or even when it comes to demanding to see ID. That’s a truth expressly and fantastically illustrated in Mark Levin’s takedown of a week’s worth of false narratives and fake news on Watters’ World on Saturday, which he accomplished in just six searing minutes.

Watter’s first topic was the despicable non-hearing show trial set up by desperate Democrats this week to try and entrap or trick Attorney General Barr into saying something they can charge him with. It was quite a display and Levin’s comment was exactly right, if you’ll pardon the French.

When Watters’ asked, Levin said “I’ve never seen a senior official of any administration ever treated like that, and I’ve been around a while, I was chief of staff to Attorney General Meese, who was abused, but not like this.”

He said the hearing should have been about the riots and effort at violent overthrow by Antifa and other radical groups. But, “the Democrat party is all in on this radical, hardcore agenda. And so they’re beating up on the Attorney General.”

If you didn’t see it, the Dems cut Barr off over and over and over as he tried to answer their questions, they posed complicated questions as yes or no only, and they were deliberately vague in their phrasing but wouldn’t allow him to clarify. They especially made sure every female Democrat was particularly rude and abrasive in doing so. The obvious, transparent objective of which was to make him accidentally misspeak on a vague answer so they could later accuse him of lying, and to get video of him appearing to interrupt female Reps so they can call him a misogynist.

Even though they failed, they know the press won’t act like they failed, so they just went ahead and said he did those things anyway. Worked like a charm on MSNBC.

“This is a disgrace,” said Levin.

Here’s the Watters World clip via Levin’s Twitter, and we have more quotes from it below that.

Then Watters brought up Obama’s divisive appearance at the funeral for late Rep. John Lewis. Watters mentioned a few of the line items from the stump speech Obama gave, and Levin started off with EXACTLY the right point.

“First of all, I’m utterly confused. I thought people weren’t allowed to have funerals. And I thought there was a case brought to the Supreme Court where churches aren’t allowed to have more than ten people in one of these states but casinos could have 50, and John Roberts and the liberals on the Court said ‘oh no we’re not taking up that case.’ So there are funerals and there are funerals I guess.”

Exactly. There are funerals and there are funerals. It’s okay if WE do it.

As Levin got to the question of ID requirements, which Obama brought up, he also said you needed one to get IN to that high profile funeral where a former president was speaking.

HOW GREAT IS THAT POINT?!! I guess there are racist ID requirements and there are liberal ID requirements, too.

The difference being, again, it’s not bad if WE do it. The liberal mantra.

It’s an awesome appearance.

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