Mark Levin slams McConnell for congratulating Biden today as ‘president-elect’

Mark Levin ripped into McConnell today for not waiting until January 6th to congratulate Biden on being ‘president-elect’:

Levin writes:

“1. I think we should all thank McConnell for his excellent help in challenging the lawless acts of the Biden campaign and Democrats in the key battleground states. Wait, he was AWOL? Oh, well then, thanks for nothing, Mitch.

2. Trump helped you secure your seat, as he did so many Senate and House seats, and you couldn’t even wait until January 6th. You’ve been the GOP “leader” in the Senate for far too long. It’s time for some fresh thinking and new blood.”

To those of you who disagreed with me on McConnell today, you are in good company. Levin also makes a great point about the work Trump did to try and keep the Senate and regain the House and all that McConnell didn’t to do fight for Trump’s reelection.

However, more than all of that, he’s absolutely right that we need new leadership in the Senate. I can think of no one better suited for the task than Ted Cruz. But that’ll never happen was long as McConnell keeps fighting against electing conservatives and for more squishy Senators made in his image.

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