MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace blames the Russian invasion of Ukraine on January 6th

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace actually blamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine today on January 6th.

On her show today, Wallace claimed that “everything about January 6th made everything about invading Ukraine easier for Vladimir Putin”:

This is maybe the most amazing spin I’ve seen from these nutcases in some time. They are literally arguing that it was January 6th that made Putin realize that American was weak as a way to deflect blame from Joe Biden.

Really, just how far up Biden’s butt do these people live? Good grief! January 6th had NOTHING to do with Putin’s calculation to invade Ukraine.

We all saw how Putin smacked Biden around in early 2021 as he began planning the invasion of Ukraine. And this was around the time Joe Biden was removing the sanctions off Putin’s company building the Nord Stream pipeline.

Not to mention Biden’s horrible Afghanistan withdrawal, which told Putin everything he ever needed to know about the cowardly Biden.

You want to know who or what gave Putin the green light to invade Ukraine? Look no further than the senile leftist in the White House. How about talking about that Nicole Wallace.

In related news…

A far leftist on MSNBC today admitted that she wanted to make love to the SCOTUS leaker and, if the leaker turns out to be conservative, then she’ll “joyfully abort the baby” and let him know:

This woman, a leftist comedian named Laurie Kilmartin, is absolutely despicable and all the others on the segment can do is laugh, including the host.

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