MUST WATCH: Man who fled Cuba BLASTS Oregon lawmakers over gun control – “Marxism is not coming, Marxism is here!”

This isn’t the first time Manuel Martinez, a man who fled Communist Cuba has voiced his concern to Oregon lawmakers about gun control. And he always seems to make the news because his words are so powerful. He knows that once the government disarms the people it’s over and he plainly warns Oregon lawmakers that Marxism isn’t coming to America, it’s already here.

Must Watch:

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113 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: Man who fled Cuba BLASTS Oregon lawmakers over gun control – “Marxism is not coming, Marxism is here!”

  1. Usted me represente más que el sh*theads en DC. God do I love the Cubans who have been baptized by the inferno of Marxism and who KNOW! who KNOW! what it is to be a slave. Die on your feet and never live on your knees! Or bow to ANY man!

  2. Whatever. I’d rather comment on the paid ad RightScoop is running on top of this video, from Kirk Dillard in Illinois – kvetching about “the real Bruce Rauner”. Comments on the video are disabled, and it’s no wonder — they must have been scorching.

    Kirk Dillard is the Hinsdale doofus and lifelong politician who appeared in a commercial to help elect his good buddy from the Illinois State Senate — Barry O’Bozo, Our Idiot President. Dillard is a country club, establishment, crony capitalist Republican. He occupies the ground just to the right of liberal butt-boy Mark Kirk.

  3. Been saying it since Obama’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of ACA, which is a clear violation of Commerce Clause – how can coercion through a tx not be considered the Government not ordering citizens to purchase a product, which insurance clearly is. And with the House failure to pursue IRSgate, a clear violation of law, not to mention Obama’s blatant refusal to enforce border laws and now his own ACA, then yes it is very clear we are a Marxist state.

    1. Those pushing “gun control” aren’t retarded. They’re indoctrinated! They have rejected a philosophy based on individual rights and the rule of law in favor of progressivism.

      Progressivism is the controlling ideology of Dear Leader, his administration and the democrat party. It is nothing more than the “modern” version of Marxism. Socialism, American style.

      These people pushing gun control are committed to subverting the Constitution and our individual rights.

  4. I would someday like to see more people like Mr. Martinez. Who have fled their Communist Socialist countries. Give real life testimonies about their experiences living under Marxist communist regimes. If the Tea Party and liked minded groups were smart. They would form a committee of people who lived under oppressive governments to speak out against the very tyrannies they faced at the hands of those regimes.
    Do this and I can guarantee that the message will be received better by the American people far more than those of us born Americans could ever give. Those that fled their native homelands, and became American citizens by choice are far more patriotic, and constitutional loving then those of us who were born here.
    Give to them the public platform and I assure you the message will get out.

    1. Tito “the builder” comes to mind. Palin made him popular and he has run for elections in VA. Don’t think he won though.

    2. They’re not far more patriotic than me. I was with you on the first few lines of your comment, but you seemed to lump together all of us who were born here … as being less patriotic as those who came from shitty countries and learned to love America.

    3. Ted Cruz’s father expresses the same …. he also fled Cuba for the same reason.
      Cruz/Lee 2016

  5. YES this is what they are selling , and most people are letting it HAPPEN .
    Government for the people NO Government to control the people . Just look and see . First the Right to arm yourself , and then the right to FREE SPEECH will be next . ( WAKE UP ) it’s coming sooner then you think .

  6. Even though I’m a long time member of the NRA and I know the score when it comes to the endgame with gun control…I can’t possibly add anything to what Mr. Martinez said. I’m speechless and proud of him.

  7. “A very powerful man tried to sell me THIS 50 something yrs ago.. I DIDN’T buy it!” Wow..brought me to tears. And the smug committee member nervously rattling papers and talking about “outburst” while this brave man was speaking the truth from first hand experience…smh 🙁

  8. Manuel Martinez is My HERO !!!!!

    A TRUE American Patriot HERO standing up for and defending TRUTH, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, the US CONSTITUTION / our / WE THE PEOPLE’S UNALIENABLE GOD GIVEN RIGHTS against theses anti-American Fascist govt Communist promoters and enablers / treasonous conspirators, from Obama on down !!!!

    Isn’t funny how only Cuban American Hispanics are against Socialist Marxists in and of the Democrat Party, and not the Mexican American Hispanics, let alone the millions of Mexican Hispanics who come here illegally / illegal aliens.. and why, because Cubans Hispanic American’s understand by experience the tyranny of and from Castro’s Marxist Communist regime first hand.

    But Mexican Hispanics do not understand this vital Freedom and Liberty concept point, and think that being loyal to Democrats will give them free govt welfare, cheese, and amnesty, but in the end will only be given their marching orders to fall in line, or be sent off to the inevitable gulag labor prison camps, once Obama and the radical left take full control over the people, via disarming Americans by law and armed govt force.

    United States Constitution, aka the Supreme and REAL Law of the Land, and all other laws that attempt to supersede it, undermine and override it, are unconstitutional, illegal / unlawful, and shall not be obeyed.

    Amendment 2 – Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall NOT be infringed”

    “A Free People ought not to be only armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of Independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own govt”
    General and 1st U.S. President George Washington

    Make no mistake about it, Obama, Schumer, Cuomo, Bloomberg, DeBlasio, on down are at war with us – We the People, the US Constitution, America, and if We the People do not unite, stand firm and resolute against them and their tyranny now, it will too late later on down the road, which is what they want.

  9. Make those law-makers get a taste of their own medicine and send them to North Korea and force them to live there for a year.

    After that, send them to Cuba for a year.

    I kinda doubt it but maybe that will open their eyes.

  10. Wow, that was a powerful testimony. I think it’s scary that Mr. Martinez, after having dealt with Castro and gone through that hell, can see that same hell happening here in America but some in this country mainly Obama supporters and other dems are either too dumb, or too blind, or don’t care to see it. Mr. Martinez should be sitting before Congress saying to them what he said in this video. I liked how he called people who buy into the idea of a ‘nanny state’ has having no self-respect. I would say to any Obama supporter or democrat who would be offended by that to prove Mr. Martinez and the rest of us wrong.

    1. The people today are like the frog in the boiling pot of water. Thanks to the SRM and public indoctrination, the sheeple don’t care or are unaware of history. This man speaks truth!

  11. Powerful testimony…from an ardent refugee whose has been through the fire and now sees that it is happening to America.

    He has more freedom loving patriotism in his heart than millions of natural born Americans…that is a depressing fact.

  12. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children
    what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

    Ronald Reagan

  13. If truth is to prevail, if justice is to endure, all Americans must listen to Mr. Martinez and those that have shared in his history. The battle lines have been drawn, there is but one decision that must be made by all who would wear the title American. What road will I take. Will I take the cowards trail? The path of least resistance that leads to my enslavement, or will I take the higher road, the path that leads to freedom and liberty? The high road levies a high cost, often paid in blood sweat and tears, but freedom, oh sweet freedom, is worth the measure of every man’s strength. Man may struggle and achieve greatness in all endeavors, but die slaves if freedom dies. Our forefathers faced a traitors fate in bringing forth a great nation. Liberal cowards now stand to deliver this great nation to the wolves of communism in hopes to be their masters. Communism consumes all until there is nothing left. Freedom inspires all to be more than one man could ever imagine. Freedom, sweet freedom is obtained not from any government, but by those willing to die to obtain it, and destroy those that would take it from us. Let not God turn his eyes from this great nation, let not our forefathers be forced to hang their heads in shame, let not Mr. Martinez’s words go unheralded, let not America; the home of the free, perish from this earth.

    1. We play by the rules but we have allowed public servants to become masters. We really do outnumber them, however, we lack the coordination.that the Left has built up.

      1. Great point notsofastthere, it is exactly why gun control never works. those in office try to convince themselves that the gun laws they are passing will stop crimes, when in fact it empowers the criminal and weakens all others. Thanks for the reply

  14. The politicians (except the few conservatives) in the NW want Marxism. This brave man only confirmed what the dopes in Oregon are hoping is taking place.

  15. Its getting ugly. I know one thing….I’m getting pissed off. I haven’t commented in a very very long time. Keeping my mouth shut and under the radar. I have children and as crazy as it sounds I’m scared in the next few years we could be at a point where the government will be looking for all of us here. Dont believe me? Ask Manny. You just heard it yourself. Too hell with crawling under a rock. Its time to come out blastin’ like Yosemite Sam…figuratively.

  16. Many say it won’t happen here, but it already has. SWAT TEAMS, Janet Reno and Elian Gonzalez, Waco TX and countless local stories we don’t hear about. Martinez is sounding the warning – those who want to hear will hear.

    1. You want to know why he is so worked up? He is having to look at the brain-dead liberal’s faces. It would work up any freedom loving individual!

  17. That was so beyond great, that made my eyes well up.

    “You’re either ignorant, or part of the plot.” Nailed it.

    1. What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?

      Liberal Politican: I don’t know and I don’t care!

  18. I love it. The moron on the board going “if we have one more outburst, we’ll have to clear the room”. Spineless politicians one and all

  19. The people from other countries who have experienced it are aghast at what they see happening here, while most in our country are either talking on their free phones or watching American Idol and ignoring our countries deterioration.

    1. Exactly! Because they didn’t come here for a handout they came here to escape the oppressive iron fist of their homeland.

  20. If this isn’t a wakeup call, I don’t know what is!
    Time to draw the line in the sand. Marxists must go no further!

  21. I am proud to have this man as a fellow American. He is inspiring and he reminds me of how fortunate we truly are. May what he has endured never repeat itself within our borders to anyone…Please, God…and God bless Mr. Martinez.

    1. “May what he has endured never repeat itself within our borders to anyone…Please, God…and God bless Mr. Martinez.”

      1. You’re right pybop – He came here to Root for America and not to Loot America.
        He experienced the loss of freedom and doesn’t want to see it happen again.

  22. Reagan said peace through strength..I don’t think it was his vision for them to use the Strength against it’s own people…We have built a Frankenstein and it’s going to take some pretty powerful leadership to get us out of this mess. We have a lot of military leaders that have been kicked to the curb during El Dimbo the Assclowns term I wonder if any of them will be brave enough to lead concerned Americans out of this mess

    1. There are no leaders who can get us out of this mess. It runs deep. Global to local. Insidiously deep.

      It is up to us. It will take a very long time. It will come at great costs.

      Do not wait. If we get help from DC fine. We have to start by primarying any incumbent, save the handful who have spoken with courage.

      But it may well be too late for elections.


      1. If we clean up our own back yards that will make all the difference….I don’t care what’s going on any where else in the world…We have issues right here we need to deal with first….and it can be done

      2. The liberty amendments are our last recourse.
        Levin has paved the way and many state legislatures are working to restore our constitution before it’s too late.

  23. All I can say is, Wow, that was the most powerful defense of liberty I’ve heard ever, this from a man who has known oppression and tyranny. Keep speaking sir, I salute you for having more patriotism in your little finger than the entire Democrat Bolshevik party!

  24. We came to get ourselves free of tranny. and we are sitting quietly as they impose the same BS we left England for…

    1. Stay quiet no longer.

      I can absolutely guarantee that under any political rock you turn over, town, county, state federal, you will find the vermin .

      Start questioning, Speak out like this man at any hearing or meeting or subcommittee you can find.

      Because, what else I can guarantee you is that the creeps never ever figure on the people exposing them or standing up to them – even a handful of us.

  25. …every Senator , Congressman and the Imperial President should be made to watch Mr. Martinez give this testimony . But I am afraid only Ted Cruz would be the only one who would understand the passion of Mr. Martinez . Senator Ted Cruz 4 President 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  26. My father immigrated to America after the war. His country was not invaded by Hitler’s troops, a parade was held for them.

    What he warned me most strongly about is how fast it could happen – yes even in America.

    I grew up hearing stories of how the flowery, shiny socialist programs and politics paved the way for Hitler – in his town and his country. No one dared speak, but so many knew.

    Most all he warned me of, is here.

    There is power in saying what this man says. We cannot be shy. The window in which we can say it, is closing rapidly.

    1. That’s why you must speak truth to power. Call a thing what it is.

      Don’t call it “gay marriage”. Call it COUNTERFEIT MARRIAGE.
      Don’t call abortion “women’s health care”. Call it MURDER.
      Don’t call them “Democrats” or “liberals” or “progressives”. Call them MARXISTS.

      Evil ALWAYS shrouds itself as an “angel of light”, and that is often done through subtle changes in language used as propaganda to sway the thinking of the population.

      If they’re PROUD of their marxism, then tell them to stop hiding and call them MARXISTS!

  27. I wish I could hug Manny, cook him dinner, then take him to the gun range. That moved me………..a lot.

  28. Love this man’s passion for America and Liberty.

    He recognizes tyranny masquerading as security. He has experienced it.

    Unlike the naive indoctrinated sheep that now dominate our culture, our media, and our educational system, Manny knows the endgame; BONDAGE.

    God Bless you Manny! Keep speaking up sir! America needs you!

  29. Never mind. Used a different browser.

    American hero! Thats what this man is. What an example for us all!

    1. After years of working with my local, state and federal politicians, democrat and republican, I have zero doubt that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS EITHER COMPLICIT OR IGNORANT of the agenda.

      I can tell you that it is by far, the former. The vast majority are complicit in ideology, greed or both.

      Primary the bastards 2014.

  30. Amen Brother Martinez! The problem is that this is not taught in our schools and no one knows, like those who have actually lived at the hands of Marxism, what is looks like. Thank you, Sir!

  31. Manuel Martinez delivered a powerful intelligent and patriotic message that was uplifting and motivating. Sadly, the majority of Americans can NOT do likewise.

    Cuban Americans are among the most conservative living in our nation. Like so many other Americans who LEGALLY immigrated to our nation to flee communism and the horrors of their dictorial abusive tyrannical leaders, these people truly love and treasure the freedom our constitional Republic affords. Sadly again, most Americans take these freedoms for granted and far to often are the first to be critical of their nation – you know, the 1 percenters and those who supported them.

    While listening to Manuel, Sen. Cruz father came to mind. Like Manuel, Rafael Cruz also fled communistic Cuba. And more important, he holds the same love and treasures America’s freedoms which he instilled in Ted.

    Ted Cruz in 2016……….

    1. It’s sad to say, but Manuel Martinez’s love of freedom in his adopted country goes far beyond those who were born here.

  32. Unfortunately, the Communist state if Oregon will not listen to this patriot who fled communism to be free. He is much like the rest of those that have fled communism to be free. And those that tout the benefits of gun registration, banning assault weapons, etc, they are the ones that think that they will be a part of the ruling class. Ah, but there is only room at the top for a very small few and they will be with the rest of us. Well, maybe some of us will flee to the hills and I thank God every day that there are still hills/mountains where we can run! I think they call it fly over country!

    1. Unfortunately there are drones now that are flying now over fly over country and more to come. Night vision. Thermal vision. Nowhere to hide soon.

      1. In CT they banned a lot of firearm equipment using the school shootings as their lame reason (even sending gun manufacturing jobs out of CT) . . . .

        Anyways, during the last weeks of legally being able to buy these firearms there was a run on them. Big crowds and long lines.

        Many things to talk about here, but the funniest thing to me was the amount of people who had the same ‘quality guideline’: Not, ‘can it take down a moose?’ Not, ‘can it take down a home intruder?’ Not even, ‘can it take down a tyrant?’

        Most everybody wanted to know, ‘can it take down a drone?’
        (I was already thinking this, but it surprised me how many like minded people there are.)

  33. Some of you may have seen this already, but this guy is great too. He is a Korean immigrant who also gives a very articulate argument against gun control:

    Why won’t Republicans call up more legal immigrants like this to give their testimony, not only about gun control, but also about legal immigration?!

    1. I just watched it again for the first time in a while. I was wrong when I said he was “great.” His was fantastic!!! Check it out!

    2. Awesome. Deserves it’s own main post.

      If GOP had any sense or wanted to win the argument they would use these guys.


      1. I hear ya. I guess we’re all going to suffocate to death if we hold our collective breath any longer!

    3. They’re too busy reaching out to ILLEGAL immigrants.

      Oh, and please “wrap up” sir, “your reasonable arguments are too much for our communist ears to hear.”

      1. That part really frosted me too! I’m sure if he was an illegal immigrant bad-mouthing the USA they would give him all the time in the world.
        Seriously though, I’m going to send my congressman both of these videos. He’s actually a good Conservative, so maybe he’ll consider it.

  34. Now that man is EXACTLY the kind of immigrant that we need more of! He’s knows Marxism when he sees it, because he HAS seen it!

    We need to get this guy in front of Congress so he can straighten out those stooges on Capitol Hill. How I would absolutely LOVE to see this great man schooling Harry Reid and the rest if them in th Senate floor!

  35. I feel this mans “Frustrations” because all these Politicians continue to do is “Disrespect” the American People with no end in sight.

  36. Such passion! I was standing and cheering! This man needs to be heard. Hannity, Rush, Beck, and Levin should have him on!

  37. I would really like to see the looks on the faces of the council members as he is giving his powerful testimony. I wonder if he made a dent on any or if they are all in with the communist platform.
    If it is the latter, I hope townspeople in the audience heard his truthtelling loud and clear.

      1. What the heck is wrong in Oregon? I know it’s a blue state like Washington, but as an example, it’s the one state health exchange that made look good. They have yet to enroll one person into a health plan yet.

        So can anyone from Oregon or an adjacent state tell me what’s going on?

        1. Oregonians are in love with the idea of being liberal and progressive, which they read to mean ‘enlightened’ and ‘superior’. To them, the other reason Communism didn’t work – and who believes those reports anyway – is because enlightened, smart, Western Liberals were not in charge. Gag.

          1. Thank you for your reply although it hurts to read. I can understand big blue states like California and New York being progressive heavens. I don’t comprehend why Oregonians want the same problems that plagued these states. Thanks again…

        2. I’ve been away for almost 2 years, so I’m not current on OR thought processes. I grew up there, so I can tell you honestly that the overarching way of thinking in Oregon has nothing to do with logic, and everything to do if something sounds nice or feels nice. It’s a very woodstock hippie state.

          1. I thank you and I believe that’s enough info for me to make an educated guess on OR. When I was traveling a lot through business, I noticed some of the nicest people I met lived in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.

            Great people who would sit with a stranger over a cup of coffee and tell you their life story. Yet, these same people wanted to be perceived as being political correct and caring for those in need.

            Except, instead of reaching into their wallets to donate, they thought it was the responsibility of the federal government who had the resources to care for these people. In many cases, people told me that this is what Jesus would have wanted all Christians to support.

            Great people who lacked political knowledge needed to to make a logical decision at the voting booth. BTW, most of America that I’ve been fortunate to visit had wonderful people as residents.

            But there was a difference between northern and southern states on logic and politics.

  38. Just love seeing these Cuban exiles testify…maybe if enough are heard and make as graphic points as this hero, the link to communism will begin to be recognized.
    What a lovely and lively country Cuba must have been before the Castration regime snuffed it out.

    1. I want to know why Republicans aren’t gathering dozens and dozens of patriotic immigrants like this to give this kind of testimony, and to tell the American people exactly why we should all value our liberties (or what’s left of them).

      It’s very easy to combat the anti-immigrant label that Left has branded conservatives with. But republicans won’t do it!

  39. God forbid there be any outbursts. They’d have to “clear the room”.

    Here’s a little tip for you politicians. We’re gonna do some “room clearing” if you don’t start representing us and abide by the US Constitution.

    1. That was some petty little turd functionary who knows he is a POS and who still wanted to feel important. Like every left winger – they need to CONTROL and order people around. The best he could do was threaten people’s speech. What a turd.

    1. Ashland, famous for the Shakespeare Festival. This gentleman obviously brings his dramatic theater training to the podium. I wonder if these council members even comprehended his sarcasm.

  40. Great speech, truthful, powerful and full of passion. Time to tell these phony lawmakers the only law we follow is The Constitution.

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