New CBS Poll shows Cruz has a much BIGGER lead over O’Rourke!

Today must be poll day or something because we have another new Cruz/O’Rourke poll out. And unlike the earlier poll today, this poll shows Cruz with a 10 point lead over Beta O’Rourke:

Like the one earlier today, this one too just surveyed registered voters. Which means it’s probably not a good reflection of what we’ll see in November.

But hey we do like the 10 point gap in this one, as that seems closer to reality. But even that seems a little low compared to the 20 point gap Cruz would have if we were comparing primary votes.

So take it for what it’s worth over 5 months out from the election.

Let’s go ahead and call this one an open thread. Which means you don’t need to put ‘OT’ before your ‘off topic’ comments because everything is ON TOPIC!


UPDATE: This poll technically came out yesterday, but just ignore that so I don’t have to change the beginning of my post. 😎

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