New Covid data from New York makes LIARS Sotomayor and Breyer look even WORSE

Sotomayor and Breyer lied through their teeth today about Covid. The media, when they aren’t ignoring this or saying the justices were RIGHT are claiming it was simply error or misspeak. But none of that is true, it was deliberate lying, like we see every day from their fellow activist liberal Democrats across the government and media, to include Fauci, Biden, and the rest.

And new hospital data from New York only shows how BAD of liars they are.

That’s right. So much for the “overwhelming hospitals” line of bull. If ICUs are full it’s because of procedure, not people coming in due to covid. And that means it’s not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” too, by the way.

She’s right. This was treated as a conspiracy theory for TWO YEARS and now we know it to be FACT.

And same in Florida last month.

But we have kids in trunks and Biden still pushing for mandates.

If it wasn’t already clear this isn’t about covid, it should be now. It’s about Democrats grabbing power, just like with the BLM/Antifa riots, just like with the trampling of civil rights in January 6 cases, just like with election bills and destruction of the filibuster. It’s all one big thing. The never-ending plan by the left to destroy all non-leftist thought forever.

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