NEW REPORT: CNN prime-time ratings CRASH now that Trump is gone

Earlier in the year it looked like CNN was killing it in the prime-time ratings but that trend is no longer, with their ratings crashing after Trump left office. Fred T brought you some of this last weekend, but there’s a new report out today with more specifics on CNN’s great crash:

NY POST – CNN’s viewership has tanked since former President Trump left office — with new data showing the liberal network lost nearly half of its prime-time audience in a key demographic since January.

An average of 2.5 million primetime viewers tuned into CNN from Nov. 4 — the day after the presidential election — through Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, Fox News reported.

But the network has only averaged 1.6 million primetime viewers from Jan. 21 through March 15 — once President Biden took office.

Following the Election Day surge, viewership during the 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. prime-time slot plunged 36 percent since Biden took office.

The network also lost 47 percent of the key 25-to-54 age group during that same period.

When it came to total day audience numbers, CNN saw a 34 percent drop — from 1.7 million viewers from Nov. 4 through Jan. 20 to 1.1 million since Biden took office.

CNN’s ratings have also plummeted 49 percent to 1.6 million primetime viewers from Inauguration Day til now, compared to an average of 3.1 million who tuned in from Dec. 28 through Jan. 20.

Now it starts to make sense why CNN has gone full bore on attacking Tucker Carlson. They don’t have Trump to kick around anymore so they have to try and invent one and hope it works.

Looking back at our post on January 21st, CNN was indeed killing and Tucker was way down the list. But now Tucker and Rachel Maddow are the ones fighting for number one and CNN prime time shows like Anderson Cooper and Fredo Cuomo are on down the list with much smaller audiences.

While I would much, much rather Trump be in the White House right now as president, this is a bit of a silver lining that I can embrace.

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