NOT JUST A RIVER IN EGYPT: Schumer Wigs, Maddow CRIES, and Adam Schiff wants to SUBPOENA MUELLER

They aren’t taking the release of the report well. And lucky for us, there’s video.

The most common denial response online is “no one has read the report yet,” which kind of misses the forest for the trees. There are no indictments. Hello? Nobody is being indicted for collusion as a result of this two year investigation. Them’s the facts. Time to face them. Even CNN said so.

But they don’t want to, of course. They are invested. Check out some of these responses that show Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. Like this clip of Chuck Schumer not happy about a reporter pointing out there are no indictments:

Joe Scarborough is bitterly clinging to the “we don’t know anything” bit, too.

Not anything? We don’t know that the entire Mueller investigation has ended with ZERO indictments for collusion? Hmmmmm.

Swalwell and Booker are already setting up the next thing to freak out about. Nevermind the indictments, IF ANY PART OF THIS IS SECRET OR REDACTED THE WHOLE THING IS FAKE NEWS. You may not think that’s what they’re saying, but oh yes it is.

Rachel Maddow went one step further, actually crying.

And then there’s Adam Schiff. He’s already talking about issuing a subpoena for Mueller. Seriously.

If they aren’t satisfied they may “have to subpoena the evidence, we will have to subpoena Mueller or others to come before congress to answer questions.”

That is seriously amazing, y’all.

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