NOW Gov. Kristi Noem is threatening a SPECIAL SESSION and demanding a NEW trans sports bill

I would love to make sense of this story in a neat and tidy way so you could read it and then go “oh, so THAT’S what’s going on here” but, you know what? I don’t think that’s possible when it comes to Gov. Kristi Noem’s on again, off again status with the bill that is supposed to protect girls from being forced to compete against, and shower with, biological males.

Another way of saying “biological males” is to say “men,” but then I’m not sure that term applies to someone who wants to force other people to uncomfortable or unsafe just to satisfy your own political, self-righteous agenda. So we’ll just stick with “biological males” for now.

In any case, yesterday Gov. Noem said there were problems with South Dakota’s bill and, instead of signing it or vetoing it, she simply kicked it back to the legislature. Hell broke lose.

Now, she denied she was caving, and made definitive tweet statements about not wanting men to play women’s sports. But tweets are tweets and they hold even less water when they’re part of a thread where you’re backing out of a bill you were previously supporting because suddenly you find it has “style” problems. And when that sudden change of heart comes just a week or so after the woke press threatened that Amazon could cancel some big business deals in the state over the signing of that bill that you already committed to and attached your political reputation to.

Now she’s taking some of that not-backed-up tough tweet talk up a notch, saying she wants a shiny new bill that totally does all the things she said she wants for it to do. And she’ll even call a special session to make it happen if it doesn’t!

It sounds like the right words, but it’s in the context of the last 24 hours so who knows. American Principles ain’t buying it.

Guess we’ll see what happens. And meantime nobody is stepping up to protect women and girls from the dangerous, demented, aggressive, activist agenda of the woke mob.

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