NYC public elementary schools to OPEN – for the reasons the RIGHT has given ALL ALONG

Funny, isn’t it, how quickly people change their opinions or open their eyes after an election is over and the results have been “called” by the press for the Democrat?

New York City is reopening the public elementary schools — a total different policy from the summer and even from just the last few weeks by Bill de Blasio — but nobody seems to notice the timing. And de Blasio even made an insane-sounding explanation for it.

“We now believe we know what we didn’t know back in the summer.” Remember when the press made fun of Donald Rumsfeld for over a decade for his “known knowns, known unknowns, unknown unknowns” thing? Yeah. The press just cannot, are pathologically incapable of, showing any consistency at all.

De Bozo also said that “studies” show young kids are not in much danger from Covid. WELL GOSH WHO HAS BEEN SAYING THAT? Also he said that the elementary schools don’t pose much risk of causing outbreaks. AGAIN WHO COULD EVER HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT?

Oh right. Republicans and conservatives and Trump supporters. FOR MONTHS.

But go ahead and act like this is all perfectly normal and consistent, media. Because Bill is a Democrat. At LEAST the kids are going to be back in school. Whatever else, that’s a good thing.

Another crazy thing from the de Blasio presser:

Uh, yeah, NOT the takeaway, Bill. Just ask Mac’s.

Anyway, there is reason to doubt how much Bill actually means it.

Like I tell y’all all the time: we’ll see.

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