Okay, sure, the polar ice caps aren’t GONE but they ARE — freezing so early they’ve trapped 18 ships?!?

“Al Gore hardest hit,” said Instapundit about the news that 18 ships have been trapped by early freezing sea ice near Russia. Good thing they changed the name from “global warming” to “climate change” or this might be embarassing.

Oh no, you mean they kept all the predictions and only rebranded it for PR purposes? Uh-oh.

From Legal Insurrection:

Fresh off of a post-climate-conference high, MSNBC decided to dedicate a post to all the iconic landmarks around the world that could be lost due to global warming.

These include Easter Island and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

LI then quotes MSNBC saying: “As global temperature continues to rise, bringing with it a slew of freak effects from flooding and drought to wildfires and heatwaves, many of the world’s most stunning landmarks are under threat. We take a look at the incredible ecosystems, national parks and cherished places hanging in the balance.”

And then the twist:

Yet there is more evidence that what is occurring is related to solar energy output than SUV’s. I have noted before, the Sun has likely entered into the modern Grand Solar Minimum (2020–2053) of sunspot activity. This means that there will be a significant reduction of solar magnetic field and activity like during Maunder minimum leading to a noticeable reduction of terrestrial temperature.

This theory better aligns with the record-breaking cold in the Antarctic as well as the early freeze in the Arctic that just stranded 18 ships.

That’s right, stranded them. IN ICE. Because “ice up to 30cm thick has already formed across most of the Laptev Sea and East Siberian seas, according to the Barents Sea Observer, a Norwegian news site.

warmer temperatures freeing up these routes in the last few years, followed by colder weather freezing it up early, isn’t a global warming model. But it does match another theory.

As LI says “Clearly ‘experts’ are baffled by climate.”

They seem to be baffled by a lot, don’t they? Maybe because they have an agenda.

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