SCIENCE! skips Greek letter because it’s RACIST, delays Omicron travel ban 3 days, but EMERGENCY in NY!

The Omicron variant was no news at all while CNN and MSNBC were too busy stirring up racial hatred over a white man in Wisconsin on trial for the self-defense killing of other white men and then pretending the guilty verdicts in the Arbery case had no racial implication even though not guilty would have. But having run out of that story, they jumped on hyping the convenient news about the variant.

HOW CONVENIENT you ask? Well Biden is blaming all his political problems on covid, and a new variant has a lot of benefits for him. The news of Omicron caused market fluctuations that drove the price of gas down slightly just after Biden’s useless gesture releasing barrels from the strategic reserve. What a happy coincidence that he can now claim his empty effort made a difference!

PLUS they can have brand new scary covid news JUST IN TIME to tell everyone the supply chain problems and hospital and emergency responder staffing shortages are due to a new wave of covid and not at all because of them firing everyone who doesn’t get the vaccine that doesn’t vaccinate you (and even firing people who got the vaccine but not the booster! because that’s the new definition of “fully vaccinated” from our scientists!)

And speaking of scientists, Biden says his told him to delay the travel ban for three days because of reasons. What reasons? WHO KNOWS? Somehow traveling from Omicron country is fine on Friday but not on Monday!

NOT TO MENTION the same scientists last year were calling the travel ban xenophobia, along with the help of aforementioned CNN and MSNBC experts and elites.

AND DON’T FORGET the hard science of not naming the variant Nu or Xi because in the first case, they were afraid people would think the new variant was New Variant instead of Nu Variant, which you can imagine would be HUGELY dangerous to public health for some reason. AND they decided that naming it Xi was a bad idea because it might “stigmatize” a “region.” That region being China, which we are sure didn’t lean on that on behalf of dear leader Xi.

BECAUSE OF SCIENCE Y’ALL. Science drives all these public health decisions, even the Gov. of New York declaring a State of Emergency just days after the variant gets a new third option name and BEFORE the travel ban because, and I quote, “It’s coming.”

It’s probably all just a coincidence that these new things hugely benefit the Democrats and Biden’s family personally, not to mention the need in all elite circles to keep everyone but BLM and Antifa under lock and key.

BECAUSE OF SCIENCE. And the other reason.

But maybe I’m wrong and all this makes perfect sense. Y’all let me know below.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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