Omar and Tlaib share cartoon from anti-Semitic artist who encouraged killing of U.S. soldiers

Well this was a mistake. We can’t expect people to google everything anyone has ever done before sharing their work — indeed, the media has nailed Trump for doing the same on twitter. BUT, in this case, it really fits a pattern with these extremist fringe democrats.

That cartoon, on its own, isn’t that bad, it’s just factually incorrect.

But that cartoonist has created some really offensive, very awful hateful images:

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. The commie squad is proving so extreme that I think most Democrats will reject their far-left bigotry, and it will just embolden those on the right. Just look at Bill Maher, who got a lot of applause for calling out the BS of the BDS movement, and how Tlaib responded. Your extremism is just not supported by Americans…

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21 thoughts on “Omar and Tlaib share cartoon from anti-Semitic artist who encouraged killing of U.S. soldiers

  1. Those are their true feelings toward America!!!! I’m sure more of them will be coming out of the woodwork to offer their support to those two elected politicians!!!!

  2. Disgusting. Can’t wait for these repulsive Islamic fanatics to be kicked out of Congress. They hate Jews, they the United States, they hate the Constitution, they have no place in the halls of our government.

  3. One of my many gripes against the president is his lack of attention to detail; his irresponsible, ham-fisted reactions off-the-cuff. When leftists attack the president for re-tweeting a racist, quote him saying we have to take Syrian refugees, or endorsing his “I don’t like them [suppressors]” comment, I get quite upset at him for opening himself up to cheap attacks or foolishly endorsing/echoing leftist talking points.

    He’s not a racist and I never thought he was precisely because he doesn’t pay attention to details or do basic research.

    The leftists have a problem though. They’ve attacked the president mercilessly for being a racist because he retweeted non-racist tweets by a racists. Shouldn’t the same standard apply to Rep IO and Rep Tlaib?

    Any Democrat who ever criticized the president as a racist because of a re-tweet or talked about a ‘dog whistle’ needs to be asked to condemn IO and Tlaib for retweeting a cartoon by a Holocaust denier. …or they need to retract their previous attacks on the president.

    1. There had never, never, never been a president who has done as much as President Trump with so much resistance against him. The sheer viciousness, and gaul that had been thrown at him shows how bad and corrupt our government had become. I truly believe that the Democrat party is the new nazi party. Theu are using the Hitler play book. Lie (Russian collusion), demonize (orange man bad), intimidation (antifa goons) and character assassination (constant from CNN, MSNBC,ABC,NBC PBS AND THE HOLLYWOOD CABAL) McCarthy was 100% right about communist in our film industry and politics.

  4. As much as I hate Omar and Tlaib, I don’t know that this is fair….depending. If they only shared the one cartoon where Israel and Trump are trying to silence them, it’s entirely possible that they didn’t know about the other ones that are really bad. Or, maybe they knew about them but didn’t agree with them so they didn’t get behind them. Point is, neither of them connected themselves to those other cartoons. We did.

    Even though I believe that’s the way they think I don’t think we should attach them to cartoons they didn’t retweet solely because it was the same artist that they may know nothing about.

    They’re still anti-American.

    1. But the cartoonist is a well-known anti semite. Do you think that they didn’t know that? That would be sort of like me saying, “Steven Crowder is a conservative? I’m shocked!”

    2. See my post above, their actions, words, etc. all about the company they keep. And, it isn’t a pretty group of individuals.

      Seth Mandel

      · Aug 15, 2019
      Replying to @SethAMandel
      “Nazis are bad unless they’re funding an Israel-does-not-exist trip by antisemitic congresswomen” is really a hell of a standard everyone.

      Seth Mandel

      One reason you won’t see coverage of the org funding Tlaib and Omar’s trip is that it’ll undermine the narrative that this is about “criticism of Israeli policy.” And it’ll show the true face of BDS—blood libels, Nazi screeds, celebration of terrorists.

      5:19 PM – Aug 15, 2019

    3. All muslims are taught from birth that Jews are not even human. They are also taught that America is the great satan. They are instructed by the quaran to lie, cheat, steal, and kill in order to advance the worldsto an Islamic caliphate. Don’t believe me, read the quaran. Now we have these cult members in our elected offices. Obama placed 30% (Muslim) of his new hires into positions that will be handy for the muslims yet to arrive. It had started.

  5. The racists, Nancy Pelosi and democrat leadership, has decided to side with the anti-Semites over Israel. When will Trump start tweeting that Pelosi and democrat leadership are racists? Hard to believe Jews in this country support the racist party. Do they not know they are voting for their own demise?

  6. These people are not antisemitic they are jew haters, just like Adolf Hitler. A little known history of the muslims is that muslims composed the largest group of SS soldiers for Adf Hitler. The Waffen SS. These Sisters in the cloth read the same quaran as the Waffen SS, hold the same beliefs, march to the same ideology as the Waffen SS monsters. Buy the way, the never was a number of Jews they killed published that I can find, but they had their own kill squads and their own gas chambers. Now we have the SS in our elected offices. Is that a coincidence? I think not. During WW2, the Democrats kept us out of the war as long as they could. That is until the bombs fell at Pearl, then public opinion forced them into getting in. They even helped Hitler with money and goods. Looks like they are at it again. Don’t believe me, research it yourself.

    1. There were some islamosavages in the SS, but only two divisions in Yugoslavia. It was primarily Aryans. Although the Nazis were allied with them, they were still viewed as another one of the subhuman races.


    “Netanyahu also noted that the organization sponsoring their trip is called MIFTAH, an anti-Israel Palestinian group founded by a PLO member named Hanan Ashrawi. This organization that Tlaib and Omar partnered with is known for its support of terrorism and blatant anti-Semitism.”

  8. To all of the Jewish people of the USA. You get what you deserve. After years of Democrat voting you now see the Democrat party for who they are. They are using Hitler’s playbook. You will find that the nazi’s are sneaking up on you again. Make your bed, sleep in it.

  9. I am totally fed up with this third world saber rattling by these Muslim pigs (thought they couldn’t have pork). My President had it right . . .”send them back to where they came from”. They’re a disgrace to the nation and the House of Representatives. What snake hole did they crawl through to get there?

  10. What religion calls for death for adultery between 2 adults and accepts bacha bazi. Men having sex with boys under 11 years old. The religion of Islam. We have these people in our government.

  11. Ilan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are virulent America hating, Christian hating, Jew hating, Israel hating anti-Semite Islamist Muslim Democrats.

    The only thing consistent is their poisonous toxic democrat dogma of virulent anti-Semitic Jew hate, which all you need to learn the effects from is to read a history book of the 1930s.

    Welcome to the Democrat party, the official party of hate, of virulent anti-Semitic propaganda dogma lies, of violence against Jews, Christians, Constitutional Conservative Lincoln Republican Patriotic American National Populist Trump supporters, who’s vitriol hate against Truth, against America, against Israel, against Western Civilization itself is exposed day in and day out by their own words, threats, and deeds.

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