‘Patriot Front’ has ‘data leaked’ somehow with JUST enough footage to fulfill EVERYTHING Libs hoped for.

How perfect was the timing of Patriot Front? Ya know? Right after the Lincoln Project sent out a troupe of diverse tiki-torch-bearers to make sure that every worst “fear” of Democrats in Virginia was being realized and everyone would suddenly believe they had to vote for the Democrats or face a mult-cultural white supremacy mob, the masked legion of Patriot Front white guys with buzz cuts and neatly tucked in shirts carrying little shields marched on camera through D.C. for a few tiny minutes that happened to be caught and amplified by the media RIGHT AWAY.

What timing!

Now, as Democrats are facing massive electoral losses in the fall and Biden’s popularity is plummeting and nobody in America bought the “voting rights are over” argument for ditching the filibuster, suddenly there’s a “data leak” and we have this short but AMAZINGLY PERFECT clip of Patriot Front guys saying sieg heil!

Boy fate sure loves Democrats, huh?

There are more clips, images, and chat logs and well just about everything an aspiring progressive hysteric might want all neatly tied in a bow.

I mean, this might actually have had a bow on it, it’s that neat and tidy.

What fedtun–, I mean fortune, huh libs?

Still. Doubts.

They sure are.


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