Powerful testimonial from young lady who detransitioned after Covid isolation, believes she had SOCIAL, not GENDER dysphoria

When parents or fellow teenagers of young people who suddenly question their own gender or say they are trans tell people that the youth in question is facing peer pressure and being led to believe certain things by their peer groups, by societal messaging, and by socialization, they are mocked not only as intolerant bigots but as unenlightened and backward dummies.

But anyone with any modicum of intellect and the slightest amount of experience working with young people or even BEING one knows the truth of the situation. These are incredibly powerful forces to act on a young mind, perhaps the most powerful. Put a kid in a situation where their friends are all “realizing” they are trans, put them in a society that not only celebrates that but can hardly WAIT for the next new opportunity to parade how celebratory and embracing they are, and you have a recipe for disaster.

During the pandemic, as kids were out of that pressure cooker, as they were home and along with their thoughts and their identity, there are many cases of teens who had taken steps to “transition” figuring out that they were living a lie. They are detransitioning because they found themselves.

In this clip, the young person in question, who lived six to seven years as a trans male, points out the very thing.

“I haven’t really had an issue with my body, in the sense of wanting to have the female parts to be removed, I was just in general insecure,” she says. “I think I had more social dysphoria than actual gender dysphoria.”

That was a heartfelt expression. It will be rewarded with scorn. It’s possible, likely even, that she would not be a Right Scoop reader or a Fred T fan, but that’s okay. This isn’t about politics. It’s about the lives of kids who are trying to find their way in the world and aren’t being helped. In fact, they’re being hurt by the actions of individuals and institutions in the communities around them.

This is a very good question:

It is an ongoing tragedy, moral outrage, and sign of the sickness of “no offense” woke culture that these youths are in this position. Lack of adult perspective and guidance, not to mention the absolute disregard for scientific, medical, and anthropological fact, is so twisted it is practically criminal child abuse.

I am sorry for the new pain this young woman is about to go through. The left will come for her with furious vengeance. Bank on it. I hope you’ll join me in praying for her.

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