Pray for America’s children this Independence Day, because THIS is what they’re being taught

The future of the United States is at greater peril than it has ever faced, and we had to fight a war to exist and another to continue to exist. But what is happening now is far more dangerous. Our very children are being targeted by a malicious, sick, twisted, evil far left in this country that has free reign and no boundaries, and have infiltrated every walk of life, especially schools.

You never see it anywhere more than in the tweets from Libs of TikTok, which expose the seedy and vile indoctrination that never gets a cross word from the press, for the obvious reason that they are part of it.

This video from a few days ago shows how insidious it is.

These poor kids are hearing happy words like tolerance or love or kindness and being brainwashed into believing that it means…


And they are constantly betrayed by the people who parents entrust them with.

This is the weekend of July Fourth. Independence Day. We celebrate the founding of the United States, even if Orlando doesn’t.

But if things keep going this way, there won’t be a country left to celebrate. Sooner than you think.

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