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Republicans Have to Stop Playing Defense

A continuing series of discussions of Mark Levin’s new book,
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

(Discussion #10 – The Article Five process is how we go on offense)

Few of you are surprised anymore at the Amazonian-class river of effluent coming from the left. As we saw with the clip of Rep. Grayson accusing MSNBC Host Bashir of being a Tea Party collaborator, and the paranoiac manner by which the left finds racism under every rock, the left is so lost in a tangled web of lies they no longer remember what the truth is. No wonder they make fearful alliances with the jihadists. So with that in mind, why would we worry about what they think? Why pretend they are serious negotiating partners during this catastrophic decline?

And yet the Republican leaders and consultants seem to believe fervently that it does matter. Unfortunately to that particular group, what the left thinks matters far more than what YOU think. So we find ourselves with a Republican party that is in a purely defensive mode. Pandering, accusing, making deals, making bizarre claims that the ACA will collapse on its own. Anything at all but the RIGHT thing. And by the way, the ACA is so interwoven with our nation’s financial infrastructure that if it “collapses on its own” it really means the entire nation will go into collapse. It’s not a plan, it’s a total abdication of responsibility. These John McCain and Karl Rove types want you all to suffer, in the hope that some of you will be stupid enough to seek them out for salvation. I say good luck boys, you’re going to need it.

We’re sick of being on defense. We cannot afford to joust with the onslaught of lies from the left. They are so hard at work on keeping the lies coming that we are in total Orwell territory: at 8:00am we are at war with East Asia, then at Noon we have never been at war with East Asia, and by dinnertime, we have always been at war with East Asia. The left is a squirrel cage, wrapped in an insane asylum, inside a Democrat Voter Plantation. Does anyone with a quorum of neurons that connect still believe you get to keep your doctor? Your health plan? Your low premiums? We are at a strange moment in history, where even Orwell probably thought he was overselling the warning rhetoric by half, when he wrote:

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.

(I urge folks to have a peek at that link above to Democrat Voter Plantations. You’ll see this is no rhetorical construct.)

We must go on offense or succumb to totalitarian rule. (Yes, folks, we are “there” yet.) But go on offense with what? And by whom? Republicans? Libertarians? The Tea Party? Another petition by FreedomWorks? Do you imagine any petition so perfectly formed, and so popular in nature that it is signed by so many millions of voters that it could compel Congress to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment? To enact term limits? And how about election results? The Tea Party cascade in 2010 left us with a very thin list of men willing to stand up and do the right thing. At that rate, we’d need to win the next thirty national elections to have a chance to be where Britain is right now: slowly addressing the crumbling mess of their healthcare and welfare excesses, while China and some other power (the Caliphate?) fight for world supremacy.

As much as we may admire the few leaders we have with actual spines and who are willing to work toward Restoration, and as much as we may need organizations like FreedomWorks (no offense to Matt and company), winning elections is not “Going on Offense.” Submitting petitions to Congress is not “Going on Offense.” Winning hearts and minds is not “Going on Offense.” Pandering to voter blocs is not “Going on Offense.” With the exception of a few stalwart men and women, the Republicans are unwilling to accept or even discuss the potential of going on offense. The Tea Party groups and FreedomWorks and other activism groups may help us stave off decline for a little longer, but they are not the same thing as “Going on Offense.”

So what do we do?

The Founders provided a way out of this situation. It’s not easy, it comes with risks, and it won’t happen quickly enough to prevent some of the catastrophic results of the past four Presidencies. But one thing is clear: The Article Five second process to amend the Constitution is definitely an activity that puts us on the offensive.

This is important to recognize. Congress cannot stop us. The President cannot stop us. The Courts cannot stop us. We have a fundamental right, and an obligation to our children, to restore the balance taken from our nation by so many “progressive” men and women who abused their roles to weaken the Constitutions restrictions on the concentration of power. And that concentration of power is the problem:

(Time in Office) = Power

(Power accumulating among senior officials) = Oligarchy

As we discussed in the previous Liberty Amendments Monday post, the founders understood those two equations very well. Their solution, based on study of a thousand years of political philosophy could be summed up in one word: decentralize.

Mark Levin’s proposal’s for amendments are carefully conceived to achieve that very goal: To return the Republic to a decentralized Union of Commonwealths, States, Territories, and one Federal District. The fact that the process is legal, and cannot be stopped by the Federal branches of government, or even by the executive branches within the States means that it is definitely a positive step in reclaiming our nation as a place where Liberty is still honored above all other political things.

It’s how we win.


A quick note on the ArticleFiveProcess website: It’s almost done. I might have it working by Saturday. Nameservers are right, and other things have come together. So anyone willing to volunteer to help manage the data for your state, let us know. I’ll get you a login and you can make sure all the info for your Statehouse representatives is correct. I will probably give longtime contributors to the RightScoop comments a higher preference in the assignment, but frankly it’s going to be more like wikipedia, in that some folks might edit it and make a mess, so we’ll restore it and hand it off to someone else. No big deal. It’s not precious data, it’s just data. The idea is to track progress, and not be an irrefutable resource for someone’s research.

The dummy site is already up at articlefiveprocess (.) com so if you check it later in the week, you might find the full site up.


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