Rush Limbaugh gives Trump benefit of the doubt, PLAYS DOWN his trashing of Ted Cruz

Rush Limbaugh admittedly gave Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt today on his radio show when addressing his trashing of Ted Cruz, saying he doesn’t even think that Trump means any of it, that it’s all politics. The worst he would say about Trump is that he’s making a tactical and strategic error in that he might be creating more negatives in his own support base than turning people off to Ted Cruz.

Rush said “We’re watching a couple of really qualified professionals in the communication game go at it,” adding that it’s unrealistic to think they aren’t going to go after each other given their positions as the two frontrunners in this race.

Rush noted that “Trump going after Cruz is quite normal, it’s understandable…” but then reiterated that he thinks Trump “is making a tactical error the way he’s doing it.”

“Cruz is not a nasty guy,” Rush said.

Rush did point out that Cruz is handling it masterfully and said he is using the opportunities that Trump’s attacks are giving him to make his point about New York values over and over.


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Whether Trump believes what he’s saying or not isn’t the point. He’s lying about Ted Cruz to hurt him with voters and that is exactly what has conservatives so riled up against him.

And of course we know they are going to attack each other, but the attacks should be on truthful substance, on the issues, not lies about Ted Cruz being a nasty guy.

It’s not just a tactical error. Trump is fighting like establishment Republicans do when they have a strong conservative challenger and he needs to be called out for it.

Honestly I just thought Rush’s analysis of this was lame, giving Trump too much of the benefit of the doubt. After all, he pointed out a month ago that Trump raised red flags when he called Cruz a maniac for not being an establishment Republican. And that’s essentially what he’s doing now again.

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