Shades of @NYPOST: Twitter SUSPENDS account for speaking ill of BLM co-founder, uses BOGUS claim of ‘Private Information’

Jason Whitlock was with Fox Sports and ESPN, he was with Outkick, he has written for Vibe and for Playboy, and frequently challenges liberal tropes about race and other issues, making him controversial to the tech powers that be. Which is probably why he got suspended for something totally normal on Twitter and other people doing the same normal thing were not suspended.

Remember that story this weekend that was literally everywhere except for any MSM news outlet for obvious reasons, in which it was revealed that the “Marxist” co-founder of Black Lives Matter was getting her wealth on?

Well Whitlock shared the article, including a comment about it, and they suspended his account.

There’s no address in his tweet, and any information making the property identifiable was also in the original article, which was shared by left and right alike thousands of times. And the original article, the one that Whitlock linked to in his tweet, is still there. Nobody suspended.

It’s a bogus excuse, just like the bogus one they used to suspend the New York Post.

There’s no notation on Whitlock’s account that it was suspended, anymore, because the tweet was deleted. Probably by Twitter or at their command. But the screenshot shows what happened.

I tried to make it a little easier to see:

What’s going on here is obvious:

Exactly. It was negative about the BLM co-founder, so they punished his speech and purged him. It really is that simple.

By the way? Patrisse Cullors didn’t just buy that one million dollar property. She’s building a real estate empire.

Of course.

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