Sunday George Floyd protest, riot, and looting thread [Updated]

Here’s your Sunday thread for all the peaceful protesting, and also the looting and violent rioting ostensibly about the death of George Floyd.

Earlier today President Trump called for Antifa to be designated a terrorist group. We’ll see if that will help quell the violence today.

There was a peaceful protest in Santa Monica, California that turned into looting:

Until the SWAT team dispersed it:

And there’s this guy who told a looter he was concealed carrying and made him scurry away.

Protester paranoia in Long Beach, California:

But it was otherwise peaceful:

They’re trying to get to the White House again:


St. John’s Church, built in 1816, where many presidents have attended, is on fire.

And there’s a LOT of looting in Philadelphia right now:

There was a horrible incident in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when a tanker driver barreled through the protest. Luckily no one was seriously hurt. We covered that here.

In Seattle some Antifa protesters grabbed AR-15s out of a police car but they have been obtained back the police before any harm was done. You can read about that here.

Peaceful in Chicago:

But a little tense:

UPDATE: Here’s the police presence at Trump Tower.

And it’s getting very tense in New York City:

But also peaceful at other parts…

I will add more as it becomes necessary, but I would put money on it getting much worse at night…

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