Taliban replaces Afghan WOMEN’S MINISTRY with their VIRTUE and MORALS police

After 20 years in Afghanistan, Joe Biden oversaw a retreat instead of a withdrawal, abandoning key facilities important to the nation’s civilian and military infrastructure, withdrawing support and disabling equipment, and essentially telling the Taliban “we surrender, come on in.”

It didn’t have to go that way. In fact it could have been a bloodless exit for Western troops and personnel that left the Afghan gov’t in a strong position to, if not outright stop the Taliban, to have a strong hand in settling terms and agreements for the new government.

But Biden didn’t do any of that. Instead he went on vacation while General Mark Commie and his BLM buds crapped out a terrible plan they scribbled on napkins in between doing shots at the maskless Karl Marx-themed Democrat cocktail parties you absolutely know they spend all their time at, leaving the country to fall not just into ruin and terror, but to become a new hell on earth for women who are trapped there.

The latest step in the “new” Taliban’s war on women? Just normal fascist stuff.

From Reuters:

From Business Insider:

Women who were employed by Afghanistan’s women’s ministry were locked out of their former workplace in Kabul on Thursday. The next day its signs had been replaced with those of the Taliban’s moral police: “Ministries of Prayer and Guidance and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice,” Reuters reported.

The new ministry enforces the Taliban’s interpretation of Sharia law, which enforces a strict dress code, floggings, and public executions, according to Reuters.

Another fine piece of Joe Biden handiwork. No wonder he is so popular.

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