Ted Cruz gets attacked for calling out YouTube censoring, but hits back LIKE A BOSS!

We told you this morning that Ted Cruz called out YouTube over their new censoring policies to ensnare conservatives like Steven Crowder.

Being an outspoken Republican Senator, his tweet got a lot of attention today. The first to snip at him was the racist that the New York Times hired for their editorial board last year named Sarah Jeong:

Cruz hit right back, noting how unsurprising that leftist with her history would be in favor of YouTube censoring conservatives:


Jeong said horrible things on Twitter years ago (screenshots) but wanted everyone to forgive her when she got hired by the New York Times. But when it comes to someone like Crowder who doesn’t nearly rise to the level that she did, she’s all in on the censorship.

The next one to hit him was the whiny former Media Matters leftist and now VOX crybaby who went after Crowder in the first place:

Cruz responded by calling him out for his temper tantrum asking YouTube to protect him:


Yeah he’s no journalist at all. He’s just a Media Matters has-been who is still pushing their agenda to silence conservatives who he doesn’t like. He’s not interested in a “marketplace of ideas” at all.

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