“The issue of migrants did not come up”: Kamala brought ULTRA-cringe cackling weirdo show to Texas today, not much else

Kamala Harris visited the LBJ Library in Texas on Saturday, and spoke before an audience of about 140 people by the Dallas Morning News’s count.

Kamala brought her cackling weirdo routine with her, and it was one of the most ultra-cringe yet. It’s honestly hard to watch.

That wasn’t all, she also managed to circle back her favorite non-topic: Venn diagrams.

But you know what she didn’t talk about WHILE IN TEXAS?????

The issue of migrants did not come up during the 40-minute conversation.

Yeah, that’s how the MSM writes it. But what she really didn’t talk about while here in Texas was the border. The constant influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border into the state. When just a few show up in the giant benign metropolis of New York City which we are all supposed to admire and from which the media dictate their will to the American people, including open borders, THEY get to declare a state of emergency. Just like any Democrat northern city or state is free to do without being called racist.

But Texas? Shut up and accept it, you hicks!

Kamala, who said the border was her focus in the Biden administration, didn’t have a word to say on the subject while she was IN Texas.

Cackling. Venn diagrams. And whatever that painful mess was in the first clip. And she complained about abortion access in Texas, which doesn’t even dent the top issues in polling statewide.

She’s a joke. Just don’t cackle at it, I can’t take that sound anymore.

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