The war against Ron DeSantis has reached ABSURD levels

We’ve been covering recently how the Democrat mainstream media has been attacking Florida’s most popular Republican, Governor Ron DeSantis, for doing too good of a job of getting seniors vaccinated apparently. They’ve been accusing him of favoring red counties over blue ones, but check out these first few paragraphs from an NBC article late last week. Fred T covered it already, but I want to highlight it again because it’s so unbelievable:

NBC NEWS – Florida’s governor was slow to respond to the pandemic and his Covid-19 vaccine distribution plan has been marked by chaos, but critics say he’s been quick to recognize the political gold in those precious doses.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, ignored federal guidelines and prioritized getting senior citizens — one of Florida’s most potent voting blocs — vaccinated first.

When Holocaust survivors and Cuban survivors of the Bay of Pigs debacle — revered members of two other key Florida voting blocs — got their first shots, DeSantis made sure he was there for the news conferences.


Seriously, this is beyond absurd. He’s doing exactly what every other governor should be doing in prioritizing the most vulnerable to get vaccinated first. Those are our seniors.

Yet just like they did with Trump, theses lefist hacks in the media try and spin it as something evil and nefarious because they hate him. They know he’s incredibly popular right now and they want to turn public opinion against him if they can. But these cartwheels they are flipping in order to try and destroy him reveal their treachery.

This is so bad it should win some kind of propaganda award or something.

What’s even more ridiculous is that they attack DeSantis for being good at politics, saying “…DeSantis made sure he was there for the news conferences.” Well of course he was. He wants seniors to know he’s got their backs during this pandemic and doing news conferences is a great way to communicate this to people. Also, Democrats do this ALL THE TIME.

The Democrat media has gone full-on leftist in the era of Trump and no longer even care if people see their duplicity. They are truly the arm of the DNC.

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