Trump TWEETS DENIAL that he admitted to obstruction of justice over Flynn…

El Presidente Trumpo went to his Twitter this morning and did exactly what I said he could do to undermine those liberals celebrating that they thought they had caught him red-handed.

He simply denied what Comey said in his memo:

Morans who want so desperately to believe Trump is going to be impeached tomorrow actually convinced themselves that this tweet from the Donald was an admission of guilt:

Now, had they a working knowledge of logic instead of shoving their emotions into the gaping cavity in their brain where their rational faculties should be, they would have seen what I saw. The enormous jump in logic required to make this argument depends on something that Trump has never admitted and we only know through the Comey memo.

SO Trump simply denied it. And it’s done.

I’m not saying Comey lied, and I’m not saying Trump is telling the truth. I’m saying that it doesn’t matter what people really really really WANT to be true – what matters is what you can PROVE to be true.

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