Trump War Room keeps getting slapped with ‘Community Notes’ because they keep lying about DeSantis

The Trump War Room on Twitter keeps getting slapped with ‘Community Notes’, Twitter’s community fact-checking program, because they apparently can’t stop lying about DeSantis.

Here’s one where they claimed that DeSantis “voted FOR Wray’s confirmation in 2017”:

But as you can see from the Community Note, did not and could not vote for Wray’s confirmation because that’s done in the Senate.

Here’s another from the same day, in which Trump War Room claimed that DeSantis “voted to cut Social Security 3 TIMES and raise the retirement age for Medicare and Social Security to 70”

Exactly. This is all about future spending and has nothing to do with benefits in the here and now. And as they deftly point out, both of them have supported reforms to both programs in the past.

And as we’ve debunked in the past, DeSantis was not an acolyte of Paul Ryan.

In another tweet, Trump War Room and their supporters claimed that DeSantis voted for the First Step Act which Trump signed into law:

Again this is not true as Community Notes points out. DeSantis voted for an earlier version of that bill and it was a very different version, as we pointed out the other day.

If Trump Social had a version of Community Notes, you’d see them splashed all over Trump’s posts as well. They just refuse to tell the truth about DeSantis because they can’t win if they do.

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