Trump winning was ‘SOUL-CRUSHING’ says Valerie Jarrett

Obama’s top aide described her reaction to Trump’s electoral victory in way that warm the cockles of even the most stubborn Never-Trumper’s heart:

More from Politico:

Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama and a member of his administration from day one, said he and other White House officials were left somewhat shell-shocked by Trump’s win. But following the president’s lead, she and other administration have sought to follow the lead of former President George W. Bush’s team in facilitating a smooth White House transition to the opposing party.

“Obviously we were surprised by the outcome of the election. It kind of was like a, I’m not sure what the right analogy would be, but like a punch in the stomach, let’s say. Soul-crushing might be another description,” Jarrett said. “But that’s the democracy that we have: the people get to decide and the elections matter and we have to get about the business of doing our job.”

“He sets the tone and he’s upbeat. He’s excited about what we’ve accomplished,” she continued, speaking of the president. “And so I think the mood is a lot better today than it was the day after the election, that’s for sure.”

It is actually surprising to see how positive Obama has been about everything since most liberals are absolutely suicidal about the triumph of the Donald, but maybe reality will start setting in when he watches his legacy circling the drain. Until then, enjoy Valerie Jarrett’s tears.

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