Turns out Anonymous is the big NOBODY that came out against Trump earlier this year [UPDATE: CNN GONNA KEEP HIM]

Remember the name Mike Taylor? We wrote about him twice, earlier this year, after he was billed as a senior administration official coming out against Trump. Well he is the one claiming to be ‘anonymous’, who was leading the resistance against Trump:

And wouldn’t you know, Miles Taylor works for CNN now. They gladly took him in when he came out against Trump and endorsed Joe Biden. I think they deserve each other.

Journalists are now realizing the New York Times lied to them about Taylor:

So Anonymous turns out be a big fat nobody that does absolutely nothing to hurt Trump. Good job resistance!

Also, as Kayleigh reminds us, he’s a liar too…

UPDATE: According to Erik Wemple, CNN is gonna keep their lying contributor on the network:

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