‘UNACCEPTABLE’: What this ESPN moron got WRONG on Jacob Blake is staggering… and Dangerous.

The best way to spark violence in the streets is by telling people something that isn’t true, especially if that something stokes hatred for one group by another group. Just ask Hitler. Or if he’s too dead, try asking Jalen Rose of ABC and ESPN.

Either Rose wants to foment racial hate and violence says false things in order to do that, or someone else was trying to foment hate and violence and told HIM the wrong things, and he believed it.

Either one is scary and dangerous, and perfectly typical of the press, whether sports-focused or otherwise.

Take a look and listen.

“Here’s the thing: Black Lives Matter protests was actually taking place because Jacob Blake was shot and killed by police officers.”

Uh, no. Every word of what you just said was wrong.

It wasn’t a protest, it was riots. And Jacob Blake wasn’t killed. And … well, here, Clay Travis sets the record(s) straight.

This is the same kind of disinformation that started the riots in the first place. This is what the media does every day in America. Because guess who they are the enemy of?


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