UNREAL CNN: Is this HACK job propaganda HIT piece from Brianna Keilar even slightly convincing? NAH.

This is really so insane I thought it was some kind of joke when I first saw it. But I should have known it was real just by seeing the face of two-bit hack Brianna Keilar, who last week got her butt handed her to on Covid testing and threw a hissy fit about it.

Judging by the snotty faces she made in this segment she’s STILL throwing her little hissy-missy fit. Her premise was that Trump isn’t tough on Russia. Her chyron was “TRUMP SAYS HE’S BEEN TOUGH ON RUSSIA. NAH.”

I can’t even hardly describe it. But I did trim it up for you, so you can just see the highlights as she tries to claim she’s got some devastating list of 37 proofs that Trump is weak on Russia.

Spoiler alert: exactly zero of the segment mentions any actual real world action, except where she turns the fact that Trump signed sanctions against Russia more than once into a negative by claiming he was “reluctant” like that’s an actual separate bullet point on some master list.

It’s actually pretty embarrassing of a list, with most of the items being the same point reworded. Those repetitive ones are the ones I focused on in this highlight reel. Take a look-see:

Can you seriously even believe your eyes and ears? I mean I know y’all are about to say “Of course I can, it’s CNN” or “of course I can it’s Keilar” but even knowing these things it’s still pretty much the most blatant propaganda I’ve ever seen on a so-called news program. It would make OANN blush to be this in the tank.

Exit Question: How much is the Biden campaign paying Keilar? You should ask her, after all according to journalists that’s a fair question.

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