Very SICK Joe Biden goes OUT to eat, leaves mask OFF inside, puts ON outside for cameras. LIBS are mad.

Biden did it again and this time the libs are hopping mad. Not at him of course because lol. No, they’re mad at people pointit out again. See, Mask Kabuki Theater just keeps going with the Democrats and the left, and it doesn’t matter how many times we catch them, they’re going to keep doing it and the press will keep not giving a hoot. Well, the AMERICAN press that is, because our country has a vast, voluntary state propaganda machine that works for the Democrats.

But a BBC journalist happened to be around last night and tweeted about Biden’s behavior. And that started a tweet war of course.

This is what you call BUSTED. The guy is sick as all get out, as we know. He’s doubly irresponsible, what with commprosing people’s immune systems. And what about waste? If someone gets a “cold” from Biden and they get symptoms, they’ll have to get a covid test to go ANYWHERE because you get asked a thousand times a day if you’ve had any symptoms. Unless you’re an elected Democrat, of course, then it’s walk around wherever coughing on whatever you like but put that mask on for the camera!

A Lincoln Project GOON immediately tries the “let’s not play gotcha” card after two years of playing gotcha.

But immediately he got owned.

But plenty of suddenly not worried about masks libs got mad that the BBC reporter tweeted about it. And then they got owned too.


Here’s the thing y’all.

They aren’t. They just want to control us. That’s all. That’s the whole thing.

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