[VIDEO] Ilhan Omar calls Trump’s MAGA rallies ‘Klan rallies’

The disreputable anti-Semitic congresswoman Ilhan Omar actually referred to Trump’s MAGA rallies today as ‘Klan rallies’:

Here’s exactly what Omar said:

“To speak about me at every single rally didn’t really matter where he was, sometimes multiple times in a day, as he held his Klan rallies throughout the country.”

Says one of the most corrupt congresswomen in the US. I guarantee you the Washington Post reporter interviewing Omar didn’t even blink when she said that, painting over half the country as KKK members.

This is exactly the kind of mentality that worries me as this country moves closer and closer to falling off the radical socialist cliff. People like Omar, AOC and others hate half of this country for electing Trump in the first place and trying re-elect him again, and they want to make us pay for it. This is why she falsely refers to us as Klan members, because it’s easier to hate someone if they are racist.

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