VIDEO: NPR caught red-handed creating FAKE NEWS about ‘right wing extremists’ and protesters. Will CNN report about it?

It’s all so blatant now, and they don’t even have to worry about being caught. The media is all in a concerted effort, not acting as competitors for traffic or readers, not in an effort to do better work. If they are competing at all, it’s only in the contest of who can take their blatant dishonesty the furthest and still get away with it.

And don’t be confused, even though they are being called out right now, even though they got busted and had to make a “correction,” they got away with it. Ain’t no one in the media-democrat complex, especially not that fat dumb bald guy at CNN, going to have diddly to say about it. They’re fine with. Heck, they encourage it.

Look at this now deleted tweet from NPR.

Well Tim Young knew they were blowing smoke and said so.

It’s not just the video of a driver in danger being harassed and attacked that shows the aggressor isn’t what NPR was claiming. No, the actual end result, as reported already by a local reporter, tells the same. Two people were charged in that incident. Two of the protesters.

Here’s a great side-by-side.

And then, as it turns out, there’s video of a so-called “protester” pointing a GUN at the driver.

So NPR fixes it. How? They delete the tweet and absolve themselves of guilt, changing nada about the story.



Also, here’s a good question.

But yeah, the REAL violence is theoretical right wingers trying to escape. Not the Black Lives Matter marxist rioters trying to kill them.

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