[VIDEO] Ocasio-Cortez gets throttled for using FAKE accent while speaking to mostly black crowd!

Ocasio-Cortez just whipped out her Hillary Clinton impression while speaking to a crowd at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

Except it wasn’t an impression. She literally changed her accent in front of the mostly black crowd just like Hillary did in the past:

Not to mention she suddenly sounds like a capitalist! This continues her remarks past where Saavedra cut them off:

Here’s a few responses, the first of which is LOL given recent events:

This might be my favorite response:

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60 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Ocasio-Cortez gets throttled for using FAKE accent while speaking to mostly black crowd!

  1. Wow, that’s offensive to any thinking person…but then that event Sharpton held was disgusting. One by one, each democrat politician bowed before Zod and spoke the words required to gain his approval and the approval of the crowd. I am unfamiliar with the religion of the reverends and deacons of Sharpton’s church, and have no desire to learn, but I do not know that they are not of the one and only G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, nor do they believe in Messiah Jesus. They believe most in the false god of the Almighty Dollar and insist that they are each black slaves who are entitled to reparations. That said, any of them who were slaves prior to the emancipation in the mid-1800’s, I am sure deserve something…how about a free, one-way ticket to Liberia where they will no longer live under oppression here in America and can get back to their roots?

  2. How many people looked at that lead picture of her and thought, “NIN”? Raise your hands, don’t be shy.

  3. So much condescension! It’s really embarrassing, even for her. :facepalmg:

  4. AOC seems to be telling us that blacks are just folding clothes in retail, serving food and driving buses! Doesn’t THAT seem racist?

  5. I hope they’re holding her bartending job for her. She’s gonna be back REAL soon! :chuckle:

    1. She’ll hopefully have the fastest stint in Congress ever. This girl is so stupid she makes my head hurt.

    1. @kram-nivel Agree, but Lawrence Jones is in there with a close second! 😆 😆

  6. This video is pure, 100% cringe. That might be said a lot in the dark void of the internet, but with this it is absolutely true. It is funny that she also reveals that she’s a Communist fraud, much like her fake accent, with her talk of earning a wage and working a job.

      1. Yeah, true. But you expect it from someone like her, from her generation and background. AOC is young, younger than me, and she is just as stupid. Our younger generation is truly in dire straits if morons like AOC are the future. Generation Z can’t grow up fast enough to replace the Social Justice lunatics.

        1. Oh don’t EVEN get me started on the youngin’s….. most of them scare me to death. I know there’s some good kids out there, but it’s how rare they are that is freaking me out.

  7. Enough already it is a daily appearance by All Out Crazy (AOC). We get it she is not very bright.

    1. It’s cool to share the fresh vids and what-not with other people outside of this blog.

  8. ……but there is something wrong when you try to sound like Hillary Clinton in front of a black audience.

  9. “In case you’re wondering, this is what blackface sounds like.” Priceless! 😆 😆 😆

  10. At this point, I honestly cannot decide which Democrat is cringier. For me, it is a three way tie between AoC, Beta, and Joe Biden.

  11. LOL……that was funny. Typical Dimocrap tactic, try to sound like the majority of your audience. I’m going to listen to that again because it was SO FREAKEN FUNNY!!!!!!!!

  12. Studies show that in fact most Democrats do reduce the “competence” of their rhetoric when speaking to black people and other minorities, whereas Republicans don’t. The Dems are the ones who “talk down” to them.
    Who knows – maybe that’s why they’ve been succeeding with the demographic.

      1. If there hasn’t been, then I guess we’ll have to count on good old-fashioned common sense with what we saw and heard. She’s a racist.

  13. They have to be getting coached to talk like that to black crowds. I find it to be too much of a coincidence.

    The last tweet said it all. She defeats half her talking points by saying these things. Now wait, AOC, I thought we were a racist country and only people with white privilege could get a job…much less get in Congress. I’ve never seen any blacks in the Supreme Court either.

  14. “If I could work in a restaurant and become a member of the United States Congress, so can you.”

    She has inspired me to become a member of the United States Congress.

    1. @covfefe You’re not a minority or gay or trans or Muslim. You definitely can’t run as Democrat.

  15. I cannot wait for the day when we can say “AOC who?”
    “Oh, that AOC, she was so last 2019.”

  16. Oh my. Hillary and AOC need to get together and do a Waffle House tour.

    And they call us the culture appropriation club. Dems are racists.

  17. I have AOC burnout. I hope the whole media overexposure strategy makes her constituents feel the same way.

    639 days until the inauguration of the potential congress that doesn’t include her. I’m counting the hours

  18. I don’t know which tweet I like better – John Cardillo or Lawrence B. Jones. Do black people at these events recognize when they’re being pandered to by these fake people?
    I definitely agree with the message being conveyed here. AOC is the oddest messenger for it though.

    1. Waaait a minute!!! Stop the presses!!

      It thinks!?!??!?!?

      I didn’t know there was any brain activity

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