WATCH: Biden laughs at Fox News reporter, says her question is STUPID

Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich asked Joe Biden why he’s waiting on Putin to make the first move on Ukraine.

Biden responded by laughing, then saying “What a stupid question.”

Of course it’s a stupid question to a coward. It’s incomprehensible to Biden that he should actually do something to stop Russia from invading.

Early last year, when Putin began his buildup on the border of Ukraine, Biden decided to show military might by sending warships to the Black Sea. Putin threatened war and Biden backed down. He also backed down from the Taliban, a terrorist organization.

So yeah, a coward would always think that making the first move with preemptive action of some sort to stop Russia from invading would be stupid.

And by the way, we’re not talking about a military attack. Just arm the heck out of the Ukrainians, maybe send some troops with military equipment over there. Or just wave the freaking flag in Putin’s face. Do something to show Putin you’ve got some backbone. Stop leading from behind and let Ukraine know we’ve got their back.

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