Zen: Hilariously butthurt and clueless Mehdi Hasan & Julian Castro distraught Dems didn’t ‘prevent’ Musk Twitter purchase

This is just an incredibly hilarious moment of zen for your Sunday evening. MSNBC racist Mehdi Hasan and Democrat manchild Julian Castro are besides themselves with dismay that a private sector company was purchased by a investor who they don’t like, and the MSNBC host just cannot comprehend how Democrats “allowed” this to happen.

“Julian, I have to ask. Could the Biden administration, could Democrats in Congress have said or done anything to prevent or even slow down this Musk purchase of Twitter,” said Hasan. “I feel like if George Soros had been buying Twitter, the right would have made far more noise and expressed more outrage. Dems just let it happen, as if it’s fine for Twitter to become yet another platform for misinformation and hate.”

Hasan wants to know why the government didn’t step and prevent this business deal on ideological grounds. He can’t figure it out! Also he’s probably still mad about the last thing Musk owned: him.

And Julian then replies maybe, maybe not, but he sure thinks everyone will have to hold Musk “accountable” going forward.

And then, and I’m trying to catch my breath laughing here, he actually says “Frankly, Mehdi, I don’t know how in the world this guy got to be the richest person in the world.”

LOL WE KNOW YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, COMMIES. But it’s hilarious that you don’t even understand why you don’t understand.

Total Zen.


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