WATCH: Dieting, bandages, eyeglasses, dogs, & crying are ALL RACIST. And so is EVERYTHING else!

Don Lemon was super mad that people in his imagination might not consider him fully human or a human part of the culture. I made sure he understood is both of those things. Dumb, but both. Not so for White people, though. Not only are Whites racist, they’re not even HUMAN, apparently.

That’s one of seven things (and a little more) that you can learn from this handy video from the Daily Caller this week. It features 7 things you may not have known are racist. It’s pretty great to have it all in such an easy reference. Libs can just check the list to find out.

Is it a bandage, a diet, a pair of eyeglasses, or literally anything else? Then YES, it is RACIST!!

Check it out:

I had no idea Joe Biden was so terrible. That makes me cry so much I’m going off my diet! I guess I didn’t learn enough shame.

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