WATCH: Mary Katherine Ham gives CNN a cold dose of TRUTH about Anthony Fauci

Mary Katherine Ham gave CNN a cold dose of truth about the so-called attacks on Anthony Fauci.


Mary Katherine actually defends Rand Paul and his tough questioning of Fauci, suggesting it’s absolutely legitimate that one of the most powerful public officials be held accountable for his actions and comments, especially on a subject where the public needs to know more about what happened regarding the Wuhan lab in China.

And she points out that criticizing Anthony Fauci is NOT criticizing scient itself.

Mary Katherine then notes a couple of lies Fauci has told, even though she has to soft-pedal it for CNN by saying he ‘shaded the truth’:

Further, Fauci has something to do with the numbers on his own level of trustworthiness. He as at least twice – and I will be gentle in saying at least shaded the truth about his COVID pronouncements based on his own judgement on what the public can handle.

Now you may think those shadings of the truth were noble – that for instance saying that masks were not particularly efficient for helping protect you back in the beginning of the pandemic so that they could be in greater supply for health workers – that the end result was okay. But it did seed distrust of him with good reason.

He also has admitted saying that when it came to herd immunity, he looked at polling to base his statements on how much herd immunity would be the threshold that we needed.

These two instances are just fact. Those are just facts and it is an issue that a very powerful public figure was found to be shading the truth about these things. And it is a reason that people have come to distrust him.

Not to mention Fauci also admitting to wearing a mask indoors for the TV cameras when he knew he didn’t need one.

The CNN host tried to interrupt her to defend Fauci, but Mary Katherine wouldn’t let him and was able to finish her thought. I’m telling you, she must’ve triggered the heck out of them with that dose of truth. So how long before the calls for her to be fired from CNN for defending Rand Paul and attacking Fauci????

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