WATCH: Rep. Waltz suggests Gen Mattis didn’t tell Trump about Chinese balloons because Trump would be too aggressive

It turns out there were Chinese spy balloons floating over Texas and Florida during Trump’s administration.

But Trump was never told about these spy balloons.

Rep. Waltz says there is speculation among former Trump White House officials that the Pentagon, run by General Mattis, didn’t tell Trump about it because they thought he’d be too aggressive.


Waltz says his office has been briefed by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the current Pentagon that there were Chinese spy balloons flying over Texas and Florida during the Trump years.

He adds that “it’s unclear if the Pentgon briefed the Trump White House to give him the option of taking action. Or did they decide not to brief the Trump White House for whatever reason.”

Waltz notes “there’s some speculation among from Trump White House officials, who he talked to over the weekend, that the Pentagon deliberately didn’t because they thought Trump would be too provocative and too aggressive.”

He wants to talk to General Mattis, who was the Defense Secretary at the time, to find out if this speculation is correct.

If it turns out this speculation is true, then it would be an egregious deriliction of duty.

We do know that Trump has denied this happend under his administration, so it seems likely they didn’t tell him about it.

We’ll let you know what comes of this as soon as we get it…

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