WATCH: Trump legal team releases new video REFUTING claim that Trump forcibly kissed campaign aide

Earlier this year a woman claimed that Trump tried to forcibly kiss her when she was a campaign aide for the Trump campaign. We reported on it here.

Alva Johnson says the Republican candidate grabbed her hand and tried to kiss her on the lips during a rally in Tampa, Fla., on Aug. 24, 2016, according to the suit, which was filed Monday and first reported by the Washington Post.

She claimed that she felt ‘violated’, but even then there were two witnesses that said it did NOT happen like she was claiming.

Well now the Trump legal team have released a video showing Trump kissing her….on the cheek! It wasn’t a forcible kiss at all like she claimed.

Here’s the Daily Caller version of the video:

And here’s one in slow motion via the DC Examiner:

When the allegation first came out in February of this year, I knew it smelled bad. And this appears to be proof that she lied about it and Trump is vindicated once again.

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47 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump legal team releases new video REFUTING claim that Trump forcibly kissed campaign aide

  1. Trump and his people are smart. If you are a conservative or just not a leftist, you will now have to carry a body cam with you everywhere. These leftists are going to make fake accusations at every chance. Never go anywhere without some sort of camera recording your interactions if you want to run for office

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  3. Appears the aggressor was Alva,and at the end President Trump was attempting to avoid any further contact.Alva is this all you got for the attempt at 15 minutes of shame.

  4. I’m glad he swatted this away. These constant accusations are bad for the country. I didn’t approve of the times right-siders dogged Obama with petty, vindictive claims like this. (Especially the garbage some in the bleachers threw at Mrs. Obama.)

    But this is instructive. I think the Victorian era was a much better social code for people to follow. Not the way some jerks abused it with regard to women, but the way men & women interacted, and even men among men.

    Formalized propriety is a way to keep desire in check. And not just the fleshly kind. Greed and avarice were strongly discouraged in society. There’s no doubt that turning the accusation, “You are no gentleman,” into the highest possible insult helped make Britain powerful. It required of men that they have spines.

    Britain is collapsing because the only men with spines left in Britain are guys like Mr. “Tommy Robinson” Yaxley. And the state is silencing him.

    It’s illustrative to see how he went from being a rough, soccer hooligan, where he first gained notice, to a classy guy who carries himself like a gentleman. It’s that transformation that greatly enlarged his following.

    But I digress. Kissing women in greeting or departure is something I avoid unless they initiate it. It’s never caused me problems.

  5. A few days ago TRS posted that the President was a germaphobe,This does not appear to be the reaction of a germaphobe. Pl;ease, I am not criticizing the President,just reacting from a recent article.

  6. These women who lie and deceive for political reasons or any reason for that matter should be in prison . True rape victims are going to have a tough time because of these nit wits.

  7. Hey, how come I’m “Marjorie Swanson” instead of KenoshaMarge? Everyone else seems to have retained their user name and avatar. What’s up?

  8. SHOCKER!!!
    A woman LIED about Trump forcing himself on her.

    Next thing you know they’ll be alleging that he conspired with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary.

    Oh. Never Mind. They’ve already done that.

  9. With women now, it’s best to just fist bump. If you want sex, just pay for the professionals.

  10. And this is why everyone in government – federal, state, local – should have body cameras on at all times with total data storage and is publicly view-able.

    And I’m talking everyone. From the President, to Congress, to the ICE agents, to the lady at the DMV. Keep them in line, by keeping them on camera at all times.

  11. Well since that allegation has been proven to be a lie maybe she can fall back on RACIST ! He wouldn’t kiss me on the lips because I am a woman of color. Meanwhile not another word from that old bat that was selling a book that came out July 2. Special place in Hades for all the women that act like this.

  12. She leaned right into the kiss on the cheek. If she hated it so much, why didn’t she pull away in disgust?
    “Violated” my big toe…..

  13. Trump should go after this woman with every tool the law allows. Women are getting away with this crap way to often. False allegations can ruin a man’s life in today’s lynch mob climate. Start throwing these Ho’s in jail.

  14. Would it qualify as “Creepy Joe” behavior or have we lost that sense of self awareness too?

  15. I’m really beginning to think Trump’s bad boy gangster womanizer image was intentionally crafted by him and bears no resemblance to the real Trump.

    Otherwise the cutthroats in New York and elsewhere would have brought him down by now. He’s a lot cleaner and more upstanding than he’s wanted people to believe.

  16. And she is wearing a Trump shirt…..what is wrong with these people??
    Thanks Scoop….Yay Disqus❣️

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