“We shouldn’t allow this type of ABUSE”: Actual female skateboarder speaks out against biological male stealing victories

An actual female skateboarder had the courage to speak up about the theft of opportunity from female athletes by biological males posing as females and competing in female sports. And she did so on Fox News with Dana Perino.

You may remember a few weeks ago when Perino and Bryan Llenas ran a despicable segment on their network celebrating two child abusing parents who started “transitioning” their 5-year-old daughter.

Well that’s where Taylor Silverman, a teen competitor at the top level, went to tell her story. Right in Perino’s face.

Silverman called out Red Bull and the rest of scared America who are too cowed by far-left pressure to speak up against this obviously unjust harm to women and girls that most Americans oppose in a tweet too, before going on Fox.

Here’s the clip from Fox News.

From their article:

“People are saying silent or acting like they’re okay with it when people are actually incredibly upset,” she said.

Silverman called on athletes and parents in similar situations to speak out, offering the assurance that there is a community that supports her.

“We shouldn’t allow this type of abuse,” she said. “And we shouldn’t be sitting in silence and fear.”

Abuse is exactly right. Good for her for having the guts to say it.

“Speak up for yourself,” Silverman says to other female athletes. That’s exactly what has to happen.

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