WELL GEE: California’s Newsom RENEGS on pinky swear promise to GIVE UP his SWEEPING ’emergency’ Covid powers

Gov. Gavin Newsom made promises about the lockdowns and his pandemic powers. Not idle ones, BIG promises. Commitments. Enticements.

But, surprising no one, the Democrat has decided he doesn’t want to give up control after all.

During a vaccine lottery event Friday, Democratic California governor Gavin Newsom reneged on his promise to lift the state’s emergency declaration after June 15, allowing him to retain the powers to mandate sweeping COVID restrictions.

“The one thing I am certain of is: There’s uncertainty in the future,” said Newsom. “The emergency remains in effect after June 15.”

When asked for his justification for backtracking on his pledge to Californians, the governor responded, “Because we’re still in a state of emergency. This disease is still in effect. It is not taking the summer off.”

He implied that he may need to use the emergency powers again. “Some modifications may need to be in order on the basis of changing conditions,” he remarked.


For weeks, the governor has been touting June 15 as the day Californians will begin to return to normal. Everyday activities will be allowed and businesses can open with what Newsom’s office called “common sense risk reduction measures.”

But it appears the state of emergency order, which gives the governor additional emergency powers, isn’t going away anytime soon.

Newsom spokesman Alex Stack said the state of emergency allows California to draw down resources and continue operating programs that are needed to deal with the effects of the pandemic. Over the last year, the Democratic governor has issued a slew of executive orders and waived various provisions of law to facilitate such efforts as vaccine distribution and testing.

They never want to give up power. Not ever. It’s what everything is about for them.

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