“Why can’t the officer shoot her in the leg?” – Reporter asks Columbus Police Chief

A reporter actually asked the police chief in Columbus today why the police officer couldn’t shoot the 16-year-old with the knife in the leg or arm? Seriously.

The police chief answered the question well, pointing out the officers are trained to shoot center mass of the chest in order to stop someone. Shooting an arm or a leg present too small a target and, honestly, there’s no guarantee that would have stopped the threat. And as he said, there’s a greater chance of killing a bystander by shooting something so small.

I’m honestly shocked that a reporter would ask such an obvious question. Okay maybe ‘shocked’ is too strong a word, but I really think a question like this has more to do with the desperation to turn this shooting into an incident that Democrats and the left can use as part of their cops are racist narrative to rile people up and get them into the streets.

Case in point, my last post…

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