WOW!! Watch Jim Jordan UTTERLY DESTROY serial liar and Dem darling who falsely named Alito the SCOTUS leaker

Robert Schenck is the most recent serial liar and fabulist the media and Democrats are fawning over (in a LONG line of them) for his defamatory smear of Justice Samuel Alito as a Supreme Court leaker.

You will recall that the New York Times lovingly quoted and relied upon Schenck the liar for their hit piece accusing the Supreme Court Justice of leaking the Hobby Lobby decision and then basically saying therefore he leaked Dobbs.

Yeah here’s the thing about that.

From Schenck’s pitiful book:

With a single rap of the gavel, Chief Justice William Rehnquist announced: “We’ll hear argument first this morning in Number 95-1065, Reverent Paul Schenck and Dwight Saunders versus Pro-Choice Network of Western New York.” Paul and I winked at each other, knowing we had made history with that “Reverend” in his name. It had been a minor victory when we persuaded the court that “Rev.” should remain before Paul’s name, even though we had been told repeatedly that legal briefs never included such titles. Paul knew that even if the justices didn’t see it that way, our supporters and opponents needed to. “Reverend Paul Schenck” ensured we could cast the conflict as a religious liberty case and not one about blockading clinics.

“Obviously based on what you said, you thought it was important that the title ‘reverend’ be in front of Paul’s name, is that right?” Jordan asked.

“Correct,” said Schenck.

“And why was that?” asked Jordan.

“Because we saw it as a religious liberty matter and that that would make it clear that it fit in that category,” Schenck replied.

“Did Chief Justice Rehnquist really say that the way I just read it from your book?” Jordan asked.

“Umm, I can’t say that I remember that clearly,” Schenck replied.

“Well you’re pretty darn specific here, you’ve got the number, case numnber 95-1065, the very next word says Reverend Paul Schenck. You made it a big deal,” said Jordan. “I’m just asking, did it really happen?”

“I wish I could tell — I would have to go back and review that,” said Schenck.

“So it may not have?” Jordan pressed.

“Possibly not,” replied Schenck.

“Why do you say possibly not? You were emphatic in your book,” said Jordan.

“I would have to go back and review..” said the obviously nervous Schenck.

“Well we did go back. We did go back, and I’ve got the transcript right here,” said Jordan.

Then the hammer came down. He read the transcript from the proceeding that Schenck purported to quote from in his book, the one that made him exchange a “wink” at their clever “major victory.”

“Did you hear it?” asked Jordan.

“I did, said Schenck.

“Was there a word missing?” Jordan asked.

“Uh, title reverend,” said Schenck.

“Yeah, wasn’t in there,” said Jordan.

Absolutely DESTROYED. And he wasn’t even done. He got Schenck to imply the court reporter got it wrong, and then whipped out the audio.

Just incredible.


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