AG Barr ‘APPALLED’ by Epstein suicide, Ben Sasse demands ‘HEADS MUST ROLL!’

Two developments in the stunning suicide of pedophile billionaire celebrity buddy Jeffrey Epstein. First, Attorney General Barr says he is appalled by the event:

“I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody. Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

Yeah, except for years now, we’re told “serious questions must be answered” about everything in government, nothing is ever answered, and no one ever faces any consequences.

Whatever conspiracy theory you adhere to, this is a big deal, and it’s a big problem. Just how the hell are we supposed to have any faith in law enforcement officials, or in our political leaders, when this kind of crap happens, and it appears that his pedophile collaborators are the beneficiaries?

Ben Sasse is also demanding answers.

The Department of Justice failed, and today Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators think they might have just gotten one last sweetheart deal. Every single person in the Justice Department — from your Main Justice headquarters staff all the way to the night-shift jailer — knew that this man was a suicide risk, and that his dark secrets couldn’t be allowed to die with him.

Given Epstein’s previous attempted suicide, he should have been locked in a padded room under unbroken, 24/7, constant surveillance. Obviously, heads must roll.

Great. Now let’s see some damn action.

The Department must answer the following urgent questions for the American people:

1. Was Epstein in fact placed on suicide watch following his previous possible
suicide attempt?

2. If so, was Epstein taken off suicide watch prior to his apparent suicide this
morning? And if so, why?

3. Can you confirm that you are ordering two investigations: one — presumably Inspector General investigation — into the Bureau of Prison’s mismanagement of the incarceration of Epstein; and another — presumably FBI investigation — into any possible criminal activity surrounding this mismanagement?

4. Can you certify that all other potential evidence that investigators were pursuing relating to Epstein’s co-conspirators is being immediately secured by the Department of Justice, so that no additional evidence or potential testimony is also squandered?

Yes, it is possible that he actually did commit suicide and there were no dark schemes going on here. But it sure does look exceedingly shady. We need some damn answers.

Here’s our post on his suicide. And here’s one from yesterday when a trove of documents was released about the case.

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101 thoughts on “AG Barr ‘APPALLED’ by Epstein suicide, Ben Sasse demands ‘HEADS MUST ROLL!’

  1. Ben Sasse didn’t seem to care about the actions of the DOJ during the Russia story, but now he wants answers. What a POS.

  2. Is the IG being used to bury uncomfortable stories? How many multi-year investigations can the citizens tolerate? When will any final reports from the past twelve years be released? Embarrassing results are not a justification for obfuscation. The voters deserve answers well before the 2020 elections. We have been speculating about the Russians, Clinton, and the DNC for far too long. Wrap it up, put a bow on it, and give it straight to the public.

  3. Ben Sasse makes a great point. Considering he had a previous suicide attempts, he should have been on 24/7 surveillance. Even if it was a true suicide, this impedes justice and many wrong-doers will benefit,

  4. How much is this going to cost us? The guy is dead, so just look at the security tapes and make a decision if there is anyone to blame besides Epstein himself.

    1. As I mentioned on the other thread, 18 1/2 minutes of the security video will probably be missing.

    2. According to what I’ve read the ‘tapes’ have somehow either been messed up or cameras weren’t ‘working’. How convenient.

    3. If there are pedophiles out there who think they just got a get out of jail free card, it’s worth the cost of the investigation.

      1. I agree 10000000%. These billionaire pedophiles and top government officials can NOT be allowed to get away with sex trafficking of young girls.

      2. I’m talking about investigating his death, not other aspects of his case. Suicide or murdered should be simple enough.

  5. Yesterday the Albuquerque news reported that former democrat governor Bill Richardson was one of Epstein’s co-conspirators. (child rapists)Of course they gave the sleazy pay to play democrat more time to deny the charges than they gave the actual story.

    1. These charges are a real mess and a true, honest investigation is needed to sort it all out.

      Richardson was named along with many others including Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz has made a compelling case for his innocence. In the spirit of Kavanaugh, all those accused deserve a fair look at the evidence before we automatically judge anyone.

      1. When, if ever, has a true, honest investigation been done by government? Everyone has something they don’t want made public. Everyone plays politics with facts. Everyone plays politics – period. I just don’t believe it will ever be done.

        An honest media might do some investigating but we all know we don’t have one of those so…

      2. Dershowitz’s name was NOT in any of the documents that were unsealed, neither was Trumps but George Mitchell and Richardson’s names were and the girls who were abused mentioned these two by name as abusing them.

      3. True. I know Richardson. I had several meetings with him. Even if he’s not guilty of this he’s still a gross dirt bag.

        1. Richardson is guilty. A young girl testified to that under oath in the documents that were unsealed.

          Dershowitz and Trump’s name were not even mentioned but several other top Democrats were mentioned in the sworn testimonies. George Mitchell was another Democrat mentioned.

        2. Then he should be nailed as a gross dirt bag. But I don’t want to see anyone falsely convicted of being a pedophile, no matter how odious they are.

          1. Richardson and George Mitchell’s name were mentioned under sworn statements by the young girls. This came out yesterday when the documents were unsealed.

  6. Sooper – I have never seen you be as right on as you were on this subject. I am glad to hear that Barr wants investigations because this is one more black mark on the Justice Department when most of us do not see how the word “justice” has anything to do with the department that carries that name

    This is too much to accept – a man who was a sexual predator and just so happened to be a close friend of another sexual predator ex-president and had obviously vast knowledge of dark nasty secrets about connected people in politics, Hollywood, academia and the media (you know, the very rich and famous) dies while under Federal custody.

    Were these law enforcement agencies always this inept ( I mean corrupt)? This is the icing on the cake for this Justice Department. I truly hope his lawyers have the evidence that I am sure Epstein kept tucked away for a rainy rainy day.

    1. The only thing missing from this farce are the calls for a Blue Ribbon Commission to get to the bottom of this most unfortunate episode.

  7. The only thing All the alphabet-soup bureaucracies are consumed with is justifying their existence. Big State is worse than deep state and may be the reason for deep state.

  8. Another Arkancide. Very suspicious to say the least. Very similar to Goering all of a sudden getting a hold of a cyanide pill before the Nuremberg trials kicking in after WW2.

  9. So they spent two years chasing a Russian hoax. Any bets on how soon this one will go away?

    1. I know……very quickly. The billionaires that control the media probably won’t follow this story….I wonder why? They will imply it was Trump and Russia.

  10. He could manipulate power brokers all over the world, he could manipulate some shrink or jailer to take him off the suicide watch, turn off the cameras, give him a bed sheet and jumpsuit.

    1. Epstein did not commit suicide. He was probably threatening blackmail to top government officials and royals around the world to help him get off….he had too much dirt on these creeps to not try to get out of this mess through a deal…..No way he committed suicide.

  11. Barr and the DOJ are appalled? Oh MY! Oh and the FBI is going to investigate….why is that laughable? Oh and there will be an Inspector General investigating..oh my…What is next? Is Mueller going to investigate? Oh and when you find someone breaking the law, Barr will let them go without punishment like he did Comey.

    Oh and we are suppose to trust the corrupt government officials-No way!

    This guy was silenced. It is so damn obvious.

    1. Maybe Sasse will actually be good for something instead of being the Twitter gadfly as Sean Davis deemed him during Kavanaugh witch hunt. I for one don’t want his swept under the rug.

  12. Barr has a Captain Renault moment, I am Shocked, Shocked I tell you. Next his family doesn’t want a autopsy and he’s to be cremated by sundown on Saturday, even if it goes against his religion.

    1. The first time he went through the criminal justice system, Epstein clearly received preferential, kid-glove treatment. He was part of the aristocracy. He had evidence on senior politicians and friends of politicians. He was also a mega-donor.

      The fact Hillary skated free while others who committed very minor classified handling incidents rot in prison is more proof. Sandy Berger can steal/destroy classified documents from the national archives, but he never went to prison either.

      The GOP is just as responsible for this as anybody else in government.

  13. …except for years now, we’re told “serious questions must be answered” about everything in government, nothing is ever answered, and no one ever faces any consequences.

    DC aristocracy.

    Did Bill Clinton really every face the music? With hundreds of people going to jail for perjury, he simply lost a law license he never used.

    How about Gerry Studds who raped an under-age male intern? No.

    Hillary? That investigation and whitewash was a joke. Trey Gowdy sounded tenacious on TV, but she didn’t even get a slap on the wrist in the end. Meanwhile, there are scores of people who are in prison and/or lost their livelihood for relatively minor breaches of handling classified data.

    As @disqus_DuA4mWCvpR:disqus writes below, “two tier justice.”

    1. Yes sir. I remember when Studds was “Admonished” by the full House of Representatives. When he turned to face the full House, the democ-rats applauded him. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

    2. Didn’t Denny Hastert get locked up for less than what Studds did? Studds was reelected IIRC.

      1. As I recall, Hastert’s offenses were quite similar and happened while he was a wrestling coach, before he went to congress.

        However, you might recall Mark Foley, who arguably contributed to the GOP losing the house in 2006. Foley committed no crime. He did seem some strange emails to a male page, who was above the age of consent, but the page rejected his advances. He was forced to resign. However, Studds, who actually did have a long sexual relationship with an underage page, was never forced to resign and even served a minor role in the Democrat House leadership after the scandal.

        1. Right, but the payoffs were while he was in office. If he had just run as a Democrat, he wouldn’t have had all of these problems.

    1. They need to question the co-workers closest to him at that time, because he claimed to have information that would end Obama, and when the site finally released it, it was the letdown of all letdowns.

      1. Exactly. They thought he had damaging info on Obama and was not sure what he knew. Soon after speech where he talked about release of info he ended up dead.

  14. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!! in the end, everybody gets off unless they can find a republican to be the sacrificial lamb.

  15. Just how the hell are we supposed to have any faith in law enforcement officials, or in our political leaders, when this kind of crap happens, and it appears that his pedophile collaborators are the beneficiaries?

    We’re not.

    I’ve been advocating for years now that we put a stop to that. I’ve also advocated that we place less trust in and demand far better of our LEOs and of our politicians – but instead people just want more of the same.

    Feel free to call me when I’m no longer the only one who takes this position.

    1. Hey. Has everybody forgotten about Harvey Weinstein? Has his suicide been put on the schedule yet?

  16. For those wondering how, I can make a guess.

    Pants. Pants can make a sort of noose. You don’t have to step off a chair to hang yourself Robin Williams style. (Or David Carradine style.)

    1. If he did it with his pants I don’t understand why they would report on it like they did. “Marks on his neck are consistent with strangulation”. That statement insinuates that the culprit isn’t known….whether it be another person or a pair of pants. If he did it himself with his pants there wouldn’t be any Nancy Drew statements. It would be “he strangled himself with his pants”.

  17. Hey, Barr! If you are really appalled then personally take Epstein’s home videos off the FBI’s hands and deposit them in the White House. At this point in time I trust them nowhere else.

  18. “Whatever conspiracy theory you adhere to, this is a big deal, and it’s a big problem. Just how the hell are we supposed to have any faith in law enforcement officials, or in our political leaders, when this kind of crap happens, and it appears that his pedophile collaborators are the beneficiaries?”

    Faith in Law Enforcement is now gone. Just like in the old Soviet Union, just keep your mouth shut, head down, and pray you are not noticed.

  19. My sources are telling me that all of the details of Epstein’s suicide will be released right after those of JFK’s assassination.

    1. ……and let us not forget the long awaited IG report.
      My sources tell me there is now a DEFINITE date for its release….October 14, 2029.

  20. It’s possible it really was suicide but that raises the question of how it came about where he was allowed to do it. That could also have been intentional and arranged by powerful figures. It would either be massive incompetence or criminal….both bad.

  21. Shouldn’t this be the headline out of every media outlet in the country…YES!

    Shouldn’t this be a common day story in 3rd world shi_holes in South/Central America/Africa….YES!

    We’re headed down a slippery slope in this country…all the more reason to hold on to your 2d Amendment rights for dear life..,..literally!

  22. Who needs an investigation? Joy Reid says it was Attorney General Barr who done the dirty deed. And the ever brilliant Joe Scarborough says Russia.

    I am very pro-first Amendment and think these two morons have as much right to express their idiotic ideas as anyone. What continues to puzzle me is how two such fools are on our public airwaves and that anyone, anywhere, watches their bilge.

    1. Adolf Hitler learned years ago that if a lie is told enough it will be viewed as the truth. The lame steam media has been doing it since trump was elected. Uninformed people are easy to influence. So now we have the Democrat party in its present state.

  23. Seems Barr is already convinced it was a Suicide,so we know what his investigators will come up with,nothing.Autopsy has not been performed yet and he is already appalled by the Epstein Suicide.

  24. Whether it turns out, if we ever truly know, if this was suicide or murder it is one more nail in the coffin of the public’s ability to trust government.

    This Federal facility had the duty of providing a living prisoner for trial. They failed. If only incompetence then how can we have confidence in anything else they do?

  25. I demand that Barr go and see the body because it seems that it has disappeared. I bet he was broke out of prison.

  26. Just for the record, I wonder how many other prisoners in the last 10 years have been able to commit suicide while under suicide watch in prison? And how do you give yourself a heart attack?

  27. Now I definitely believe this was either murder or they intentionally set it up so he could kill himself knowing that he would. They took him off suicide watch and the guards did not follow their routine checks. On suicide watch they have someone watching the entire time, so if this was set up they had to take him off suicide watch to make way for the opportunity.

    If they intentionally looked the other way that’s almost as bad as murder. This guy could have taken down some really big people but it’s all going down the drain now.

      1. I’ve seen them before. I don’t know how credible they are without looking more closely at each incident, but there are “coincidentally” a lot of bodies that have piled up around the Clintons.

      1. Under the right circumstances I think it’s very possible for ego-maniacs to commit suicide. For all we know Epstein received threats on his family to push him into it. The fear of spending the rest of their lives in prison could do it too.

        That said I don’t believe he committed suicide at this point.

  28. “Heads must roll!”

    Oh Ben, please – there are far more important things to get wee-wee’d up about.

  29. Someone should go to the prison and start with the warden ask questions and if he/ she doesn’t know, fire them for incompetence. Then go to the assistant warden, ask the questions. If no good answers fire them. Do this until you Get to the cook’s. Sounds like incompetence at the highest levels.

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