Erdogan calls for international MILITARY force to protect Palestinians from Israelis!

As you all know, Erdogan has lost his mind over Israel killing 62 Hamas members and Palestinians this week as it was defending its border.

He’s accused the Israelis of committing genocide and compared them to the Nazis of WWII.

Well on Tuesday of this week Erdogan called an emergency summit of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) in Istanbul over the issue. At the end of the summit yesterday, Erdogan called for what he calls an ‘international peacekeeping force’ to protect the Palestinians:

Speaking after the summit, Erdoğan also called for the creation of an international peacekeeping force to protect the Palestinians from Israeli attacks.

Erdoğan said the sending of such an “international peacekeeping force” was essential to help the Palestinians and stop the international community being a “spectator to massacres”.

This became part of the final communique of the OIC, according to Al Jazeera.

Doesn’t this sound familiar to any of you? If you remember, Memri discovered earlier this year how Erdogan’s secret paramilitary group called SADAT was putting together plans for creating a Muslim army to invade Jerusalem. And now Erdogan is calling for an ‘international peacekeeping force’ to protect Palestinians? This can’t be a coincidence.

There is no way Israel would ever allow such a military ‘peacekeeping’ force to enter Gaza or the West Bank. It would almost certainly mean war with Israel, which is really the point isn’t it?

After all, Israel was merely defending itself and its citizens from Hamas attempts to breech the border fence and capture or kill Israelis. There is no reason for such a force to even exist. If Israel wanted to commit genocide, as Erdogan claims, they could easily obliterate Gaza and all its citizens in a matter of hours.

As we’ve pointed out before, Erdogan is using the issue of Jerusalem to unite the Muslim world around himself so that they will accept him as their new Caliph when he makes such an announcement. And he’s clearly taking the issue to ‘crisis’ levels by calling for such a military force to even exist, which is sure to please many in the Muslim world.

* * *

Among the other things the OIC called for in its final communique

Political and economic sanctions against countries that recognize the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel:

On the steps it intends to take in this regard, the final communiqué issued by the Istanbul Islamic Summit affirmed the determination to take political and economic measures towards countries that recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The creation of a committee to investigate Israeli “crimes and massacres” of Palestinians:

The summit called on the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to take urgent action to establish an independent international commission of experts to investigate the crimes and massacres of Israeli forces against peaceful demonstrators in Gaza and to determine the criminal responsibility of the Israeli authorities.

I’m sure there are other doozies in the communique if you want to read it.

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