ESPN host says nearly all BLM protests are peaceful, blames ‘extremist right-wing’ for violence [VIDEO]

ESPN’s Max Kellerman actually claimed today that almost all Black Lives Matter protests are peaceful and then says it’s the fault of ‘extremist right-wing agitators’ for the ones that are violent:

I don’t know what to say anymore. Kenosha wasn’t peaceful. Minneapolis wasn’t peaceful. Lancaster wasn’t peaceful. Rochester wasn’t peaceful. Seattle wasn’t peaceful And the list goes on and on and on, just like the violence in Portland, which also ISN’T PEACEFUL.

None of this is because of ‘extremist right-wing agitators’. It’s all the fault of angry BLM or Antifa thugs who burned and looted their cities over mostly fair and justified police shootings caught on video, or because of lies spread by BLM leaders about fair and justified police shootings.

Also Kellerman totally played down how ‘blocking traffic’ and ‘responding to police provocation’ aren’t considered peaceful. Seriously, has he been talking to Chris Cuomo?

I don’t know much about Kellerman, but from what I’ve heard today I have zero respect for his opinion now. ESPN deserves him.

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