Mainstream media is openly carrying Ocasio-Cortez on her Green New Deal screw up

In a really good expose by Emily Zanotti at the Daily Wire, she shows how the media is completely covering for commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the total screw up her Green New Deal rollout was.

Basically, she and Senator Ed Markey put up this very general bill with few details on the Green New Deal. At the same time, she posted this bat-crap insane outline of what she wants to do, in FAQ form. THAT is what everyone is mocking.

Well, they first edited out the reference to cow farts, and then they deleted it from their website altogether.

That is a screwup.

Instead of reporting what happened, the media is actually SLAMMING Republicans for pointing at Ocasio and laughing!!

Look at this absurdity:

No, a$$holes. SHE screwed up. SHE embarrassed herself. WE just pointed it out.

Another example:

See how gently they are treating the issue? It’s absurd.

Here’s another:


We have already documented how her policy advisor just blatantly straight out lied about what was in her FAQ when he was debating with Tucker Carlson.

I directly challenged him on Twitter:

He didn’t respond. And if the media gave a damn they would pressure him on it. But they don’t.

Just amazing.

This is exactly why no one trusts the mainstream media, and why there’s a cottage industry of websites like ours looking to catch them when they’re full of it. Unfortunately, there are also grifters who lie in order to get those tasty tasty clicks. Keep it honest! Keep it SCOOP!

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